Minutes in the Day

Theres just not enough minutes in the day it seems.. but then again:  

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Moments so dear
Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
How Do You Measure – Measure A Year?
In Daylights – In Sunsets
In Midnights – In Cups Of Coffee
In Inches – In Miles
In Laughter – In Strife

I remember I played this musical nearly to death last year – just for ways to measure a year.

That year I was asked to give someone is nearly over…..


Enough introspection – I convinced a few people I’m no longer suffering from depression this week..

Anyway… I’m finally at home with sometime to myself!

This is a shock given that I live by myself ..,. But I feel like I’ve been doing things for everyone but me until now  – so I’m taking some time to do something for myself and put up a post. (Whilst watching

THIS on youtube – do yourself a favour and watch it!!!!)

So in our time honoured fashion: This is what sunset sunrise looked like this morning

 sunrise today Nov 10 

From my balcony dressed in pjs as opposed to conducting morning checks.

I went to the post office, returned Zodiac (worth seeing!)  and received my Swift and had a LOT of fun turning skeins into neat yarncakes. Like these being minded by my Guard Sheep.

  yarncakes and my guard sheep 

Honestly – had someone told me that Swifts were that much fun!

And – it’s the first Saturday I’ve been able to get back to the Yarn Group.

My little crochet pal was there making a book mark,which, as was being made with 8ply yarn:  is becoming a belt instead.


 a dyslexic shows someone how to read a patternShe can now read patterns quite well and was willing to experiment a bit and see what happens if …  She hates having her photo taken so Lillian snapped this one of the two of us working through the pattern. Laptop One was supposed to be helping by providing guidance on the banner we’re making but turned into a mobile photo album instead. And the pile of mohair squares is growing.

The shawl (on the chair behind me) came with us as a brag and is being modelled here:

 My cappuchino shawl By my reluctant crochet pal!

I am really very pleased with it!!! (ooh – and the hat is what her mother finished today too!!)

Other Brags are Toni’s Tunisian Crochet square that she is embroidering a dragonfly onto

  toni tunisian crochet square


Anne’s newest Grandaughter’s Baby blanket:

 a yellow baby blanket  

 The granddaughter is 2 weeks old and she is flying down tomorrow to see little Elouise


And I have to report that the trend of knitting socks has made it to Darwin: 

And our latest newcomer’s Sock.

  Socks in Darwin  a sock  

Using Lionbrand’s Magic Stripes!!



Tonight I am treating myself to… watching New Tricks Season 4 on tv.. and finishing purple mohair squares so I can join them tomorrow!!!!!



~ by SB&C on November 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “Minutes in the Day”

  1. I was wondering if something was wrong, you just weren’t posting quite the same. Cheer up, sending some hugs from SoCal. I love that shawl and I am not even a shawl person. The colors are very nice.

    I like seeing the things the group is working on, I think my favorite this time is the dragonfly square.

    Hang in there girl! As usual the sunrise is gorgeous.

  2. There you are, I was beginning to worry! Now Manda, we’re not quite as upside-down and back-to-front here to have sunsets in the morning, are we? It’s beautiful, whatever you wish to call it 🙂 Your shawl looks great, is that the Wedges / ‘flying squares’ pattern? I like Anne’s blanket, the pattern is lovely.

    I’ve been having Swifty fun, too 🙂 No disasters yet!

    Good luck with your squares and the joining when you get to it.

    — Michelle

  3. love that song! never knew all the words so thanks! i know you said you played to music but have you seen the play? there are some that i would like to see. i have really only seen cats and phantom. would love to see grease on the stage though!

    thanks for checking in!

  4. Hi
    loved the photo of you helping your crocheting friend – and that sunrise has to be good for your soul. Will await the arrival of shawl etc with much anticipation – as are the ladies in the FO.
    And remember – everything passes.

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