Sundays are supposedly a Day of Rest.. I can claim to have had a “restful” day.. not necessarily rest however!

Things I can report:

Firstly:  today was a Day of Rememberance : At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day…. there was a Rememberance Service at the Memorial here in Darwin and of course we sang this song: And the Band played Waltzing Matilda

Secondly : I have been railing for a while about the cranes spoiling my view. Today – we have a cruise ship doing the one day Darwin shopathon.

there’s a cruise ship in the way This is one of the weirdest things. People come to Darwin and don’t even stay for a whole day. So they can’t get out and see anything more than the town. They do the walk, all dressed in cargo pants, blue and white striped tops, silly hats and bumbags.  They hear that Darwin was in fact bombed by the Japanese during WWII and MORE bombs were dropped and more planes attacked than the better known attack at Pearl.  They buy a couple of souvenirs (Crocodile oven mits!) and leave again. And claim to love Darwin…

Thirdly: Whilst tidying up today, I found a little top that was started ages ago.

 A little yellow WIP This is the worlds simplest pattern – just lots of HDCs and knowing when to decrease! So I worked on it today in between tidying and got to this point:

not so long ago though I hate it when this happens: i hate yarn joins throws me right out!!

Fourthly:  I have been using my swift and ball winder.

 silk on the winder But winding 8000yds of one skein of 2/32 silk gets tedious!!! And I have 8 more hanks to go.

Fifthly – I went food shopping:

the fridge looks better There’s Eggses, Precious, Eggses!!! And juice!! – two different kinds even. There’s also beef for dinner tomorrow night. I feel like Rendang.

 Much better than the way it looked :Empty fridge

I’m not going back to TB3 until Tuesday – the dentist again : to finish the last bit of the root canal. All my other teeth passed clear last time.. and they got a polish. Now I just need that last little bit done!! So I have time to do housework.. and cook!

However, I am semi packed and this is the sixth thing : the fact that the house is tidy!

See - you can see the floor And I’m watching Amistad -if you can see the tv screen. Purple Bag is packed with the Gown and some Bamboo silk balls to make into a throw. 

So – the house is tidy, I have food for a change. I have nearly finished a WIP I had forgotten about and I’m packed.

I should feel good about this 🙂  Not sure how I feel …


~ by SB&C on November 11, 2007.

5 Responses to “Simplicity”

  1. hey manda!

    well the fride is a LITTLE improvement from before…but with you not there much understandable. so is working on the top and tiding your way of avoiding putting squares togeter?? hmmmm..and is your tiding supposed to guilt me into doing my tiding before party on saturday?

    good luck at the dentist! i know how you feel about that! me too! YUCK!

    talk soon

  2. You are beginning to really worry me girl, hang in there! I’ll send you another SoCal hug!

  3. I really love that picture you have in your side bar of the work boots and the yarn, thats cool

  4. Hey Manda, good luck with the dentist. Your re-discovered WIP looks good, I like tops like that but they don’t suit my shape. Are you planning on using all 64000 yards for one project (the Wedding Dress, perhaps?) or is it for lots of projects? I am intrigued by the massive yardage.

    Are we going to get a Gown update soon? 🙂

    — Michelle

  5. It seems Darwin has BIG sky…especially at water’s edge, simply gorgeous. I like being at closer to a shore – quicker access to the ‘edge’ as it were. I’m not sure what that means except perhaps I think being able to swim away or escape the land mass on on a boat is a good thing.

    WOW, what will all that silk be? You must crochet at quite a top-speed. Your set-up for swift and ballwinder is perfect and that kitchen counter is a good looking surface too.

    Cleaning is good, it seems to quiet down the house so I can ‘do’ my own stuff.

    Here’s to a quick/painless dentist visit!

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