Catching Up

Is it a symptom of modern life that I can be flat out for four days and actually not have very much to show for it at the end?

I do apologise for the paucity (and that’s a word not used often enough) of posts in the last few days but I do have excuses. Some are good… some are bad.

Some of the best candidates for forgiveness are:

I now have a really clean and tidy house.

Mother_figure now has all the entries for Queanbeyan Show. (At least I hope she does!)

The root canal is finished! Woohoo!

And this leads me to ponder another thought. What is it about going to the dentist that leaves me so frazzled. This was one of the ponderings of choice for the drive back out here to TB3 today… With a tongue that didn’t belong to my mouth.

Partly it’s the noise. I can’t stand the sound of the slow speed drill. Partly, it’s the way my heart goes into overdrive when they give me the local anaesthetic. Partly, it’s the game the Dentist plays with the hygienist: to see how many things they can fit in your mouth a once. Either way – I come out of dental units feeling like I’ve been on the rack. Was I ever tasked with getting information out of someone – I’d hold up one of those bibs and the small mirror and say “Now Mr Bond: tell me everything you know or we’ll give you a scale and clean.”

Something else I was pondering was Mythbusters. I adore this show though I would like to get rid of some of the fluffing around and just cut to the explosions but hey.

Anyway, Last night was the Mythtantic episode and Jamie and Adam were testing whether a sinking ship would suck someone down with the ship.

I had a couple of issues with this. Firstly, the ship they used to test the myth with (and then called it busted) wasn’t the right type to disprove the myth. The 9tonne fishing boat sank nicely but as it doesn’t have much interior space, when it sank there were no air filled compartments for the water to rush into.. causing suction as the pressure equalised, allowing it to sink.

It is the effect of the water rushing into the compartments: holds, cabins, etc that causes the suction, not the displacement weight of the ship that matters.

Ok – so I think they need to go back and retest the myth using a ship (probably need a model) which actually has large compartments for water to rush into.

What my real problem with the show was: (and God, I sound like a Safety Officer) were the number of small but potentially serious safety No-Nos that were happening.

Now – they showed Jamie using the cutting torch to make holes in the ship’s side and then re-welding them with plugs to be opened and closed. The welds that leaked..

I am reasonably sure that the main characters don’t do all the work and are just shown with implements in hand for the purposes of the story BUT…


Jamie was shown welding wearing Red Sneakers – I think they were Keds. Major No-No!

Adam was grinding away at rust and sweeping, again NO SAFETY BOOTS but also NO Dust protection. No proper eyewear, no dust masks and he’s sweeping up rusty dust. That’s a big WHAT NOT TO DO.

That said, I do like Mythbusters – especially when they are corrupting Goldfish.  And congratulations to SBS for putting Top Gear back on… but why oh why at 1930 on a Saturday night???

The drive to TB 3, despite the lack of music, was wonderfully casualty free. I think the lack of death was due to the time at which I travelled (midday) rather than early am/pm.

I arrived to find dirt still being moved

 view nov 13

and one of our CATs was feeling sick.

dump truck with tray up 

The good news is the purple bag did make it to TB3, and the Gown and the Purple Squares are with us for the next few days. There has been a lack of Gown growth to show you but I will make up for it shortly.

 Oh yes… and there is another excuse: will tell you about that another timeJ

Barbara! : The silk is probably going to be another Gown.. but another Christening Gown. I think I’ll work a couple of strands together..

Michelle!:  Dont think I’ll use silk for a barbie gown… well……. maybe but not this stuff!! I bought it on eBay and it was remarkably cheap. I will have to work it three strands together but it feels fantastic and its very shiny. Ooooooh… shiny!

We have a new commenter: Craftynature, who also recently visited WHATNOTTOCROCHET – so Hi! Thank you for your comments! The Avatar picture was a still life that I set up one evening as a joke and it worked so well I kept it! My mother thinks it looks like a guinea pig.

Shellie!! : I’m ok – just very busy, and meeting people whilst out shopping… Thats a story for another time though. I need some dedicated crochet time!!!

Kris : No guilt trip! just me with a house inspection this week and a balcony that you could fake a Mars landing on!!

Love to you all!




~ by SB&C on November 13, 2007.

7 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. The thing that frazzles me about the dentist is that they have all the tools set up in the exact same way those guys who are about to torture someone in the movies do. That and not knowing what the hell is going to happen in the next twenty minutes. “Did i brush my teeth often enough over the last six months? surely i did… but there was that time i forgot… maybe im not brushing long enough… or hard enough! THEY’RE GOING TO PULL ALL MY TEETH OUT!!!”

  2. Grrr – I had an answer all ready to and then it vanished.

    What did I say – well done brave lady for going voluntarily to the dentist. My excuses have kept me away for a few years now (they all spoke German, shades of Marathon man, can’t get an appointment at weekends, or school holidays)..and I know it’s no where near as bad as I imagine it’ll be. But!

    For QBN I have the box of goodies and the overnight bag – should I be expecting something else as well?

    And why did the end of your blog collapse into code (webdings or something like). I copied it into Word planning to discover the truth by translanting it – and there were real words again. Go figga.

    Once a safety officer, always a safety officer, it seems! you tell em darls.

    And – whom did you meet while shopping?????

    me (No, not being Mrs Bennett…)

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!! thanks for the laugh! you must have got my email!!!!!

  4. Glad to hear you survived the dentist 🙂 Good luck with the Queanbeyan show!

    — Michelle

  5. Mmm…I just LOVE the pix of the big wide open N.T. Mrs. Bennett..LOLOL. However, who DID you meet whilst shopping? And the paucity of posts was obviously predicated on a positive purposeful plan. Dentists; I read their profession has an extremely high suicide rate. I imagine it could add difficulty to one’s sense of self to, literally, be constantly met with fear. (Not that I fancy a dentist visit…) Here’s to continuing good safety days!

  6. Ok – for the very hopefuls amongst you:

    The person I met out shopping was the NAVIGATOR from my time as XO in LAUNCESTON. Emma. She’s about 5’9″ and has red hair and is horsy too.. so we were chatting. For an hour.

    We all ok now?
    M_F : Yes there should be one more bag. Hopefully today.

    My dentist is actually nice… and very patitent with the fact that I always fog up his little mirror.

  7. I’m not ignoring you…I will call after my exams finish (27 hours and counting).

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