Thank you for the Offer but….

You know, for a Blog ostensibly about crochet, I get a lot of spam for cars. If you look at the Akismet counter : it goes up 10 a day at present.

In the early stages, I was getting ads for pink bits of all sizes on display. Sometimes black for the more desperate discerning viewer of nekkidness but they seem to have died off. The spam, not the pink bits.

Then I started getting ads for a number of pharmaceuticals that were available on a more recreational basis. But even those have dried up. Now, on a daily basis, I’m getting cars, cars, cars.

Why can’t I be spammed by Lionbrand ?? Or Spotlight?

Yep – I could deal with a daily dose of Moda Vera Yarnporn.

Perving on Merino, it’s only shameful in some communities.

Today is Thursday. There are things going wrong somewhere I’m sure.

Like this:

dump truck having a bad day but so far…for us… all good.

See, this morning looks ok:

sunrise 15 nov 07

Quick check – I managed to scare one person into thinking my blog had been cancelled… Riiiiiiight… one person likes that it’s easier to read and there’s one comment that the photos don’t get shown off as well. I liked the darker green but it was very hard to see the text unless I made it yellow or purple… We’ll keep experimenting.

Another Blogarism I’ve noted, both here and on the other site, is there are blogs that do nothing but reference other blogs. And even Kris has been wondering about it – when she sees comments that are someone else pinging back to my blog. (She MUST be psychic!)

    Anytime there’s a mention of nipples or breasts on WNTC, we get linked. Nipples happen, people!

Terry Pratchett makes a big thing about counting them (Good Omens and anything involving Angua) and there’s certainly enough bandwidth devoted to them!I just don’t get why there are blogs that blog about blogs.

That said – I’m now blogging about blogs that are blogging about my blogs.

So I’m calling it quits on that.

And since I’m in a Pratchett mode today: is this a case of the Bergholt Stuttley Johnsons’ or not??? BS – Bloody Stupid “Look, the plans were the right way round when I drew them!” Johnson.

What I am going to hold up for everyone to laugh at is this:

me with a 2cm hoseIt’s not a bracelet. Or a small fan belt.

It’s the 2cm hose we ordered. 

more 2cm hose

It goes with the 4cm hose we ordered.

4cm hoses

Thank you to the large multinational company’s storesman who didn’t comprehend 2cm in the diameter column… and gave us 2cm and 4cm OF hose.


4cm hose as a bracelet

What gets us is that you would actually have to cut these size lengths BY HAND. And that takes some effort.

The good news is:

the gown in close up

The Gown has once again made progress and since dimensions are important today:

 I’ve added a tape measure to help you see it! the gown with a tape measure

For all that it grows slowly, this is a simple pattern that has been really easy to alter: the puff stitches and the ribbon rows. When I do it again with the silk, I’m going to try adding Irish crochet style work to the bodice, replacing the large section of double crochets.

So that’s me done for the day.

I have a suspicion that a trip to TB2 is very very close in my future followed by a trip back here.

And… the 2nd package hasnt arrived with M_F yet…… ARGHH!!!!!!!     


~ by SB&C on November 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Thank you for the Offer but….”

  1. Hi
    To all who might be feeling anxious – I can let you know that Australia Post came through and THE parcel arrived at 4.45pm. Better late than… as they say. Think of me at 6.00am tomorrow when I will have to get moving to deliver the goodies to the show. But they are gorgeous- and that’s not a biased opinion!

    Still deciding about the new colour – as a not very computer literate person, I had only just found my way around the other site – the new colour makes me feel I have to start all over again…

  2. I like this colour scheme and design, glad to see the 2nd package has arrived with M_F and the Christening Gown is looking lovely!

    — Michelle

  3. Its a very cute little hose though, Manda! LOL

    The dress is really coming along nicely, its going to be gorgeous! The sky pic is beautiful as always. The tipping rather large truck is not so beautiful but I am glad its not you guys.

    Hope you are having a nice quiet day!

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