There’s a reason we call it “The Wet Season”

Remember yesterday I said I felt a trip to TB 2 coming on?

It did!

I left TB 3 , and the Dam at about 1515. The weather was fine, the birds were singing and I spied something in the bushes:

Wild Bush Horses He was entire, but no sign of a family.

As you can see, it was a relatively nice day.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, like the Lovely Kris, Shellie, Michelle, Barb, Barbara, Bob, Jess, Cathy_Cate, Thornberry and of course.. my mother.. will tell you..

 You just have to know thats a BAD THING. It just bodes.

What can go wrong on a highway? In the Northern Territory?  in the Wet Season?


GRey clouds rolling in aheadSee the grey clouds?

I stopped to take in the view : as my car will tell you

as my car will tell you and took in the view until there was no view :wet season

And then drove on with the rain getting heavier

looking back at the rain and heavier more rain on the windscreen

and the novelty value of this was really wearing off.

The other problem that was beginning to weigh very heavily on my mind was..

Gold Mining, Dump Trucks and rain do not mix.

So when I finally made it to my little house at TB 2 land   TB 2 house I was a) relieved, b) soaked and c) dreading what would be waiting for me in the morning.


After the morning meeting, where I spotted some greenish visitors who are friendly but dont smile:

 a green frog and another one : other side of the frog

My suspicions about how damp things in the pit were going to be.. were unfortunately confirmed….

I followed the procession of Dump Trucks down to the pit.

 dump trucks waiting

 And I found it really didnt look good.

my car in the pit  At all.

This is the same pit that we had the slide back at the start of September. There is still some looseness in the walls – you can see it to the Right of my car. That is BAD. Normally I’m fuzzy on the whole Good/Bad thing.. but yes.. Rocks in piles like that : the technical word you may think is “heap” if you’re a Pratchett fan.. but in the Mining lexicon its called “rilling”.

The pit smells very damp but in a good way.

I’ve worked out what it is that I love so much about being here.. Its the smell.

Not just the smell of hot asphalt when the rain starts. Of the smell of the bush early in the morning. But the smell of the red red dirt.

I went up to visit another pit – this is the one M_F and F_F saw when they were here in July.

Its finished now.The old pit

    but I wanted to see it today as it was my first look at a Gold Mine six months ago.

me in front of the pit See – me in front of a Gold Mine pit.

I’d like to point out that this was all happening before 0640…

So Sunrise had to happen in the rear mirror   Sunrise is happening in the rear view

I spent the day completing investigations into a number of incidents: including a tree that has been hit by lightning. The Client Company asked if bulldozing the trees near the fuel pod so they wouldnt get hit and cause fires near said fuel pod was a Good idea. I pointed out that Lightning generally hits the tallest object around. They bulldoze the trees, the next tallest object is the fuel pod.

You doing the math yet?

Once all that was finished.. and a final check of the work for the day now the puddles had dried up :

 a gold mine in action

and with a quick post to WNTC  I’ve headed home…

And now I’m here and some of you may also have noted the LACK OF CROCHET in today’s blog.

Yes… there’s a reason for that.

Today is the day that M_F took the entries to Queanbeyan show. Which she has done (and I’ll let her post the saga of the angel herself) . But…

Queanbeyan Show doesnt post the results online.

M_F isnt going to the Show until Sunday.

And.. the lady at the showgrounds wouldnt tell me.


I’m going to DIE wondering how the show turned out.. and what else did people have entered and … and… and……

I have been racking my brains all the way home trying to work out who I know who may be going to Queanbeyan who can tell me!!!!

So on that note— I’m going to have a bath… and sulk…

until I know how the show went!


~ by SB&C on November 16, 2007.

6 Responses to “There’s a reason we call it “The Wet Season””

  1. hi manda!

    i can’t believe you have to wait! thats just not fair! and why won’t the woman at the fair tell you about YOUR entries! not fair not fair not fair!

    m_f where are you?! need to know about the angel! mandas beautiful angels!!!!!

    hey do you thing the frogs are haunting you? hmmmm

    and is that a horse i spy? and you had no more to comment on that? hmmmmm again!

    and for whatever reason i don’t like the idea of you trying to take pictures while driving in the pouring rain! this from a safty officer?????? again hmmmmmmm!!!!

    hope the bath and sulk made you feel better! can’t wait to hear more about the show!


  2. Manda, you do have a flair for the dramatic – dying waiting for results indeed! 🙂 Seriously though, I am sorry you have to wait – it must be very frustrating. I am sure you will do very well, Sunday will be here before you know it. I am intrigued wondering about this Angel saga, I hope M_F does share.

    Frogs look kind of disgusting underneath.

    I hope the bath and sulk does you good.

    — Michelle

  3. I’m sure you did just great and I can’t wait for M_F to get back to you on it! That damp looks like no fun, makes things dreary and days like that make me sleepy!

    I am with everyone else, I hope you were stopped when you took the pic in your mirror, if not then BAD Manda!

  4. You don’t need a mother figure with all these others worrying about you! Wonder why we all worry…hmmmmm?

    Sorrry – the saga of the angel is not so bad – first I had to use some serious chiropracty to make her look like a happy angel rather than a sad (head bowed low over the flowers and heart etc). I discovered by pushing my hand under her skirt (something I never thought I’d do to anyone, let alone an angel) I could twiddle the pipe cleaners (that made up her arms) to make her head stand up straight and turn her into an assertive angel. She had spent a few weeks in cardboard box, you see.

    Then I got her to the show – which is a lovely country style affair – where i had a ‘discussion’ with one of the stewards (one of those obsessive CWA type ladies -for Oz readers) about whether angel should stand on her cardboard travelling stand – I finally had to tell her that I was ‘under orders’ that angel was to stand on her own two pipe cleaners and not the stand….and I hurriedly stuffed the stand in my bag and left. That’s the story!

    Today Man I had to visit ancient aunt who had her windows smashed in last night by a drunk or drugged 21st birthday party boy from down the street. Not much fun whhen you are 78 and on your own. BUT Ffig and I will head for QBN tomorrow after we’ve done the farmers markets etc. Ffig is hanging out for a country show style steak standwich for lunch. But our first stop will be the corrugated iron exhibition hall (even on a 30+ day) and we’ll take photos and call you. And as for lack of website – it’s QBN!!!!! Anyway, patience is a virtue, darlin. And one we are never too old to learn.

    I showed the phots of phrogs to SMB who would now like to be posted to NT to live with you asap, please. She would hug them and squeeze them and keep them all to her very own.
    Talk to you tomorrow

  5. oh m_f even with all us mother hens – she still needs her very own mum! just think of us as her extended family! she is lucky she has people who care! please send word soon about the fair! and pictures, pictures pictures! and i hope there is a good one with you and floopy hat!

    oh yeah hi manda how are you? patience is somthing that i don’t have either! but you are closer to knowing the answers than i am! can’t wait to hear! off to do a couple things. email and pics later


  6. It’s Sunday – not long ’til you get those results 🙂

    — Michelle

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