Its Show time!

And with thanks to Father_Figure for his photos, which blew up the mailbox 🙂

 Ladies and Gentlemen, The results for Queanbeyan Show (at least the Classes I entered):

Mother_figure called at about 1.30 Darwinian time (you know, right when the Chimpanzees realised that they had four fingers and a thumb)  and told me “I’d got a few things.”

So, lets start by reviewing what I sent down.

The Angel Angels– who made the trip from Melbourne to Canberra.

The Cream Baby gown with matching hat and booties, christening GownWinner at Darwin Royal.

A yellow baby blanket done in a yarn called ‘Sweetie Pie” that is a lovely baby acrylic (yes.. there’s that word) with yellow ribbons and won a 3rd at Melbourne.

Our friend, the Peach Merino Baby Blanket. Lets not mention how many yarn changes we had to do with that one…

Digger Bear who is always adorableness personified.

Barbie – Who is something I’m still little ashamed of.

The Red Mohair BlanketAfghan at Freds Pass – Who has made appearances in Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney and Queanbeyan and has been donated as a prize for the EI Fundraising raffle. (ask me how to buy tickets)

The Feathersoft Baby Dress Set – in Cream and a multicolour yarn. Feather Soft is a Bri-nylon that is SO SOFT. I tried it on my cousin’s son (I know there’s a term like second cousin or something but I’m not sure) and that should be a picture to use at his 21st.

The Cappucino Shawl – recently finished and I still like it.

The Jewellery Set.  

A multicoloured extra long scarf in a yarn called “Primo”. Its a great scarf – I bought a bunch of mohair on ebay and it was part of the parcel. I dont have a clear picture of it sorry!

And a black shawl in a yarn called “Moonlight” by Patons. Its a slippery but looks quite slinky when made up. M_F chose the three black lampwork beads that make up the corner tassels. Took a Second at Darwin.. This is only the second show I’ve entered it in.

So – thats a fair bunch of stuff.  Queanbeyan Show Crochet Events are split into three sections : Thread, Wool and Other than Wool (Mohair, acrylic etc). I think this is a really GREAT idea as it encourages a lot more creativity.

And M_F dutifully delivered all the entries on Friday morning and.. I’ve been waiting for the results. As the chief steward Dawn refused to tell me as well.

M_F and F_F both went back today to the little show and finally we have some results. And photos!!!

Pink blanket at Queanbeyan Show Ok – In this shot, we can see the Pink Blanket – Won a 2nd.  As did the cream set just beneath the baby afghan and the red poncho someone has made.

Red Blanket and Black ShawlAnd then we move onto shot #2, which shows the Red Mohair Afghan and the Black Moonlight shawl – both who won firsts. There is another baby blanket folded in the right of the picture. That is not mine.. it was the winner of the Acrylic section baby afghan in which my Sweetie Pie was an also ran.

 Bear at the q show   My favourite Digger Bear also was a Winner! Even though someone has put his hat on the WRONG WAY. 😡

  Now, this is one I am REALLY not sure of. Its won its class.. but I’m trying to read the certificate as it looks like the stewards have changed which class I entered it into.

jeweelery at Q show Ok – Its the Jewellery set. Apparently, I should have entered it pinned to a piece of card (note to self: pin to card next time) for “security” reasons. M_F doesnt understand it either. Next time I might use higher quality wire and Paspaley pearls – then it’d REALLY be a security issue.  Anyway – if it DID win the Handcrafted Jewellery section, thats just BIZARRE as its my first ever go at Jewellery making. I entered it in the Any Other Crochet section.. however.. I had fun making it and .. the judge liked it.

These are two important points.

For the rest of the entries we’ll go to a wide shot and then come back to two….

All of q show From Left to right you can see the Primo colour scarf, a winner!, Barbie.. but we’ll come back to her. The Sweetie Pie lemon yellow baby afghan (should say that this is my picot mesh design) is hanging in the bottom left hand corner, and as mentioned was an also ran.

The Cappucino Shawl is hanging up in the left of centre and won a second. Mom thinks that Dawn made the very fine shawl hanging to the left which won. It is really beautiful and very fine work!  Its that dilemma I always have when deciding what to enter : striking colours.. fine detail or?? What is the judge most likely to favour?

 Again, you can see the cream set and the Pink Merino Baby Afghan to the Right…

So what havent I shown you? or gone into detail on?

And – whats the ribbon behind Barbie? – oh – yeah.. there’s the Sweetie Pie down the bottom corner again.

The first piece of Big news was Barbie… Who not only won her section as Dressed Doll…

barbie at Q show  But also…

is shown with the broad Ribbon for Most Successful Exhibitor in the  Other Fibres section.

Yes.. that gives me that nice little warm and shaky feeling. And I am very chuffed. Why they picked Barbie to put in front of the that ribbon I dont know but hey…

But … I still havent shown you one piece..




I do enjoy making my angels.

They have always been appreciated by people who see them. 

They’ve had some mixed results – usually they win but sometimes.. as at Darwin.. I get marked down because : “Angels dont carry flowers”. Yes.. that was the Judge’s remarks. 

angel looks tiredThis Angel has travelled about 5000km from Darwin to Melbourne and then back to Canberra.  Her wings are probably a bit tired – explains the slumping. And M_F did help her but I’m going to have to experiment on my stiffener.

However…. At Queanbeyan Show, we’d like to announce that the Champion Needlework  Exhibit – Crochet Section was:

angel at q Yes – An Angel carrying flowers!!!

Woohooo!!!! -Sorry, I have earnt the right to do my little Hamster Dance now!!

I am very chuffed!!!! I’ve won a whole $18 in prize money and two gift vouchers from Spotlight!!!

Thank you to all of you who have been the cheer squad as we put together this lot to the show. And to M_F.. providing Angel Taxi service.

I’m heading out to TB 2 very shortly… will show you what the postman brought then…

Love you all.


~ by SB&C on November 18, 2007.

9 Responses to “Its Show time!”

  1. Congratulations Manda! All very beautiful items and deserving of your excellent results 🙂

    — Michelle

  2. I’m not awake yet so I will echo the other Michelle. LOL

  3. hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!

    i as so very proud of you! it is well deserved! i hope you are still doing your happy dance! i love your angel, even if she is a little tired. i too have to figure out the stiffening thing…just finished #2 stiffened her last night and am not happy! am going to try coat #2 later today!

    i hope the postman delievered you good stuff – cuz he surly has not deliever me anything!

    are you at tb2 for the week?

    congratulations again!

    ps….where is mother figure in floppy hat?

  4. Sorry – no pics of MF in floppy hat were taken 🙂

  5. awwww m_f you are no fun!

  6. I know I feel gypped!
    Ok! I’m going on a quest.. BOB!!!
    you wanna join me?????

  7. wish i could join you on your quest!

  8. I haf a cunnig plan!

  9. great work,

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