Yes.. its Sunday

However I intend to remain in my crochetative state until I get the phone call… or .. at least until 1030 because thats when the NT Christmas Craft Fair kicks off at the Museum.

I spent a lot of yesterday watching House Season 3 on DVD.. and I’m being very good : I’ve used up 18balls!!! and the pattern I’ve worked out needs about another 12.

Will show you later 🙂 Oooh – and I’ll show you what Mr Postman brought!

And I’m wishing Miss Kassie a Happy Birthday as well!!!!!!! Hope your party will be lovely – is it next week?

Otherwise I’m sitting on the couch wearing an old grey US Navy shirt I bought ages ago when we were on deployment and my hair is trying to fall out of the pins that I’ve bunned it on top of my head.  And working in Purple, Black and White mohair.

Which reminds me: I am going to email the seansheep people and tell them that they’re producing balls of yarn with a 68metre length and it has at least 3 joins per ball: they’ve managed to turn a reasonably nice mohair acrylic blend into ALMOST CRAP. 

To answer a question that seems to be preying on people’s minds : When I take the rear view mirror shots, I usually am stopped. The ground looks blurry because its raining so freakin’ hard!!!

To depart from the Crochetative state last night I went and saw “Elizabeth – the Golden Age” with one of the girls from TB2. I am trying not to draw any comparisions between redheads and men who love the sea.  Well worth seeing but I was also looking at the Lace ruffs and wondering if I could crochet something similar. The movie does feel like they’re set it up for another sequel…


~ by SB&C on November 18, 2007.

One Response to “Yes.. its Sunday”

  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy with your stash 🙂 Looking forward to hearing those results and seeing what Mr Postman brought you – and what you’ve been working on.

    How’s the doily going?

    — Michelle

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