“Return Flight from Cloud 9.. Now departing …”

Hello from Safety Orange, slaving away in her Gold Mine!!!


Terry Pratchett writes Auditors into his fractured fairytales – I’ve had my own audit experience today and so far so good!!!


Just to keep the fairy tale analogy going – I’m imprisoned in a CAT tower:   me imprisoned


 waiting for a handsome prince. Got to stop killing the frogs as I drive down to site, maybe that’s my problem?


Actually today, which started off like this:  morning 19 Nov


Hasn’t been entirely terrible. I’m waiting for a particular piece of paper (or actually an email) before I tell you how far The Plan has moved.

Trust me… you’ll all LOVE it.


It does involve yarn.


On the hoof.


Because today has involved a lot of me going round and showing the  Auditors wots wot, I thought I would talk about what I saw yesterday at the Craft Fair and Darwin Museum.


But First: Looky what I got courtesy of the Ebay fairy:     hooks



So many hooks I’m afraid there’s going to be a crocodile behind me! Tick Tick Tick…


But back to the Craft Fair.. and  Dragons

dragon ! Isnt he BEAUTIFUL??


The lady who makes these is an artist named Tricia Pollard who lost her brother and was inspired to make these gorgeous dragons.


The other part of the Exhibit at the Northern Territory Craft Council, at Darwin Museum, two places you HAVE to visit when you come to Darwin, were the kindred spirits.


wood nymph spirits


But I still love the dragons. Like these very Pratchett-ish “swamp” dragons


dragons on the leash arent they just wonderful?


Anyway – I have to choofle.. thank you all for your praise for Queanbeyan!


Take car


~ by SB&C on November 19, 2007.

4 Responses to ““Return Flight from Cloud 9.. Now departing …””

  1. hooks, hooks, oh beautiful hooks! i want the ones on the left. you know the ones for thread!! hahaha! so now that you have these beauties, take a couple hooks from old stash and leave them at tb2 and tb3! just cuz! still happy for you and your winnings! to bad the daily grind of work has to bring you back from cloud nine!

    plan? paper? email?????????


  2. Bravo for the show results – your work is amazing! I was wondering if everyone who crochets zooms along, perfectly, the way you do. Outstanding! I do like that angel with the flowers too; who really knows anyway – trumpets, harps or flowers. The red sunrise shot with the railroad tracks heading away is now my laptop wallpaper. It seems the walls held on the pit after the rains – very good. A grand haul from ebay too!!

  3. Lovely hooks! I am sure they will add an extra touch to your crochet and make it even nicer, not that you need any help with it 🙂

    — Michelle

  4. Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
    Good luck and successes in blogging!

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