Farewell but be back soon!

This is very quick because I have to go to a meeting!!!

Guess what I just saw on Yarn Harlots blog




Stop me now…..

Oooh.. and new colour scheme.. any thoughts?

Ok – Back but again I have to be quick because I need to go to TB 3 tomorrow.

This is what the meeting was about:

cracks in a bench See those cracks?

I have this problem with Good versus Bad.

 I’m kinda fuzzy on it.

 Cracks in a ledge  = BAD.

Ok Crochet time before I fly out the door: Actually before I show you my stuff – everyone has to go to Michelle’s BLOG and leave her a message saying she has to enter in Sydney Royal – O>O !! (Thats a pointed stare)…

 Yes.. the Mohair…

It looks a little nondescript here : in purple blocks.. but I have black and white to play with….

purple mohair in a bunch Have to buzzz!!

Love to you all.. Plan Reveal Day is possibly TOMORROW!!!!!


~ by SB&C on November 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “Farewell but be back soon!”

  1. I actually liked the last scheme but if you’re happy with this one, I can cope 🙂

    — Michelle

  2. ewwwww, manda….. no no no no….don’t like it!!!!!! sorry!

  3. I am not enjoying the change in format the colour I can get used to..sorry Manda

  4. Yes – the angora bunnies were wonderful…except they would risk being nekkid alot if they lived in my yard – I would knit their hair. Good luck with that cracked ledge; cracked ledge + gigantic vehicle = bad. Yikes

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