How far would you go?

Today was another of those days that began 300 km away from where it all finish up tonight.

 See – sunrise over the Lake at TB 2 (No crocodiles in sight):

sunrise over tb2 21 Nov 07

Last night was the most incredible lighting storm and – of course I was out in it. storming last night

Visibility went from nothingness to the most eerie orange light. We were all standing outside trying to take pictures of it:

red skies And of course, getting soaked through to the skin.

By the time I made it back to my little house at TB 2, I really was drenched and had missed dinner. The irony was that the cracks I showed you yesterday – and that took up so much of my time: well… we were trying to come up with a way to brush the cracked off portions down in a controlled manner. We came up with running water into them until they were soaked and they oozed off. It was a Good Plan.

Then came the monsoonal downpour at 1830.

And we had spent all day working out where we would get the water from…..


anyway.. There was some left over lasagna in the kitchen – which I think I have left in my fridge…… for dinner. I loooooove lasagna.  So gobbled that whilst dripping and then tried to make sense of…..

The Hatching Plan.

(if you could just drum your fingers on the desk for me to get the right amount of suspenseful ambience?)

If you have been reading the blog for a while.. you’ve probably been able to find out a fair bit about me.

I have horses.  Sonntag and amanda

I have a Sister ( Bob) and a Mother (M_F) who both post comments here. 

m_f and the trunk  This is M_F.. you know you can tell? She’s wearing a hat. 🙂

I crochet. profilepic7956_1.gif 

(actually – you could probably say “D’uh!!!!” about that !)

I love taking photos of my day: Hitachi Excavator at Sunrise

I have a yarn stash problem: the-yarns-bedroom.jpg

I wear safety boots and work around huge trucks, mining gold and building dams:  Birds of Prey

 My job is try and stop things going wrong: dump truck accident photo  (It’s Ok!! – I dont work for Roche!!)

You may not know: 

I used to have a very different sort of life. navy_hmassydney_th.jpg

7 months ago, I was suffering so badly from depression, I could barely make the decision processes needed to walk out my front door.  I was ill at the thought of driving to work.

And so I needed to stop and do something else.

To prove to myself and to others that maybe I could do a good job.

So I put aside my uniform me in uniform and found something new to do….

And.. as the song says now.. I have to believe

 “that life is just a leap of faith, Spread your arms and hold your breath, Always trust your cape”.

On Monday I received a job offer from another Heavy Contracting Company, working in a Mine Site about 1000km away.

I was fairly motivated to take it.

Yesterday I resigned officially as a Lieutenant in the Navy and will commence a transfer to the Reserves.

Today… I am almost ready to  tell you all….

(even though I was awake all night interviewing toads: cane toads)

There are some dreams I have never lost sight of.

To have land of my own. A farm where I can have my horses.

A house that suits me.

And… other bits have been added : alpacas… yarn….

and maybe some bigger things in the future…

If I take this huge step.. I will be able to afford to do it in the next year.

I will have to leave this company who took me in when I couldnt drive myself from one place to another without being in hysterics.   M_F had the fun of me crying that first night when I wasnt sure I could even get dressed the next day.

But I did…..

 And now.. If I take this job, I will have to pack up my little house – at TB 1 .. and leave TB 2 and TB 3 behind me.

It is a lot of money.. I will be working pretty much the same hours but in a very different location…..And on the plus side – I get to go home to M_F and F_F and the horses.. and the mogs (who you havent met yet) once a month for a week.

So the decision gets made tonight.

It was a huge leap to come this far.. how about we all hold hands and take the next step to see where Safety Boots and Crochet lead to?


~ by SB&C on November 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “How far would you go?”

  1. Congratulations on coming so far and good luck with the decisions you have to make, Manda!

    Your dreams are good ones and I am glad you didn’t lose sight of them through all the troubles you have had.

    Take from this what you will, I do believe “what seems to us a sunset is a sunrise in another land”.

    — Michelle

    PS – this new scheme is quite nice 🙂

  2. Hi Manda, your blog got me misty while I read..not everyone can pull themselves up like you have, and how blessed you are to have the family you do and the friends. I admire you greatly.

    Everything happens as it should and I know what decision I am rooting for..

    Can’t wait to hear what you have decided 🙂

    On another note did you get the package I sent yet? I swear they must be walking it to you and using a canoe over the water.


    Canadian Barb

  3. ok this backround is an improvement from the last – the only thing i don’t like it how it has the files stuff on the top! but i guess i can learn to live with it!

    waiting for mother figure to chime in here! shes been awfuly quiet the last couple of days!

    hey is that your boat? or just the standard? just curious!

    awesome pictures!


  4. I love your photos and your blog, and hearing bits and pieces of your job, which is so different from anything in my experience or my part of the world. (Incredible sky photos today!)
    I have confidence you will make the right decision for you. (In some ways, my take on any big decision that if it’s not a hard decision, I probably haven’t thought about it in enough depth!) It does sound like it would be awesome to be able to be with family (and horses and mogs) one week a month. Plus the money to be able to achieve your vision.
    Any life change is scary, scary.
    But you have come this far and who knows where you might be in a year? Hopefully well on your way to living your dream!

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