The man in my life cant walk!

But you have to love him – he’s now 15 weeks old and has a great line in smiles. When he’s not eating his hand..

Sebastian is 15 weeks

And: The Gown fits him nicely!

 the gown gets modelled.

I had dinner tonight with his parents who are wonderful friends! Small Person’s Dad has the same job I used to, and his Dad (small person’s Grandfather) served with me when I was a very junior officer 10 years ago.

 Well.. Australia has voted, and I cant say I’m happy with the result. This could be a very long three years. And I am waiting to see how far the Australian dollar walks on Monday morning.

I’m sorry I didnt post yesterday the owner of my current company wanted to talk about a number of things – why I am leaving in particular. There are a number of reasons, and the amount of money offered is low on the list. By the time I got home I was really zombied.

Today, being Saturday saw my usual run around to various places. I’m sorry – there’s no sunrise this morning as I was busy when it happened (trust me, it’ll be worth it in the long run).

I submitted my contract acceptance for the new job, plus all those details they need to know about you. I voted – I dodged the leaflet wavers but had some fun with the pollsters (Them : Can I ask you who you voted for?” Me: “Yes”. Them “Who did I vote for?” Me:” Oh you want an answer? I thought you just wanted to ask the question.”)  So I took cover in Parap Markets and watched Sally Nunngurra do some works.

 sally’s work

 Then I went to Craft Group. I hope not for the last time.

I took along a bunch of yarn (about 30 balls) to pass out to people, I was pretty much 100% accurate on who would choose what, and I slipped few balls into bags when they obviously wanted the yarn. So I’m feeling virtuous and I may have reclaimed a whole drawer!!!

no.. who am I kidding?

The Gown made some progress, Jessica my crochet pal convinced her mother to crochet

jessica and her motherand Toni our Tunisian Crocheter is working on her afghan. See – she has embroidered cows on her tunisian crochet strips a crosstitch cow on tunisian crochet(you can also see the yarn I knew she would choose on the right).

Then I saw my favourite person under a metre tall and had a lovely dinner.

A simple day compared to the rest of last week.

Will write more tomorrow – I need to sleep now. Hugs to you all.. and for my American friends, I really hope it was a lovely thanksgiving!!!


~ by SB&C on November 24, 2007.

5 Responses to “The man in my life cant walk!”

  1. The Gown looks great, very cute model and it’s lovely to see it “on” 🙂

    — Michelle

  2. Hi
    He doesn’t look best pleased about wearing the gown! Do you think he already realises it’s a definite for his 21st Birthday album!

  3. Oh my…I doze off for a few days and your life takes a grand leap. Awesome for you! It seems being amongst the enormous land machines provided time for the antidote or was it the hours of driving or the great swathes of dirt and shrub. Hmm…can’t wait to see the new work locale and then the farm and horses and horse stories and mogs. How rich.

    The baby and gown are a lovely match-up, as he is most handsome and the gown is a royal classic. I did an itty-bit of crochet over my time-off and thought of your millions of stitches making clouds of exquisite fabrics.

    The blog looks terrific again again and here’s to the new administration.

  4. Hey Manda!, lots of changes for you hey!
    Love the gown, you are so clever.
    OOOh a farm, fantastic, I can help you fill it up.
    Take care of yourself.

  5. Glad to hear from you all.. and that you all approve of the Gown!!!

    The next monthys or so of blogging is going to be interesting for all of us!!!

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