Take a look at me now

It’s interesting to talk to people who haven’t seen me in six months. It seems my life changes from day to day here, talking to you – but I’m almost unrecognisable to anyone who knew me six months ago.

Yesterday was a long day – Medical Assessment for the new job (I have the lung capacity of a 20 year old and my eyesight is fine plus I’m not on drugs. If they had tested me for gummi bears or Red Cordial, then I would have been in real trouble) and meeting with the Base Commanding Officer to hand in my resignation. Fortunately, he is a Geologist so we talked Shiny Rocks and Dump Trucks for ages rather than more painful topics.

The little (and I say little because they are, even to me) girls in the Personnel office were lovely, and I sound awful – sooo young. All in their first few postings in the Navy, shiny and bright eyed in their white shirts and skirts and all looking about 12.  The older girl in the office has horses too, a gorgeous Andalusian mare who I always drool over the hindquarter on (the mare – not the girl – I’m not like that!!!) The head of the section is a wonderful lady for whom nothing is too difficult, and even with one arm in a bandage.

 They have always been remarkably sympathetic about how I had had to call it quits – working with a CO who would fly off into fits of rage, so much so that I was afraid to speak to her one day. (Course.. when I told someone – a nurse- how I felt.. and in the privacy of a Doctor’s Surgery, the nurse called up that CO.. imagine how I got treated after that?) but then I found out that she had savaged one of these girls over a nothingness, and for a change, someone else finally  got to see what I had been talking about.

So… for my next trick: packing up. I wasn’t ready to move out in June, I am now. Plus I am consoling myself with how much I can save in rent. And that adds up up up very quickly…

The dampener for the day was that i managed to screw up the phones AGAIN and missed catching up with a very good friend: Kelly, who I feel awful for letting down L


I also spoke to someone else yesterday.


Because.. my life seems to be working out… and even though I know I should let go of any hope I once had and it’s against all odds…


I just wanted to know how he was.

“Surviving” was his word. 

 And I know his voice well enough to know that’s all he’s doing.




Back out at TB3, having swapped yesterday’s demure grey skirt and embroidered white blouse accessorised with pearls and neat black ballet flats for brown work pants, orange HighVis shirt and muddy safety boots, back looking at my mountain…

my mountain early 27 Nov

And this is what TB3 world looked like when I got back on site this morning. Too dark and gloomy to be a pretty sunrise.

 the side of the dam

And I am pleased to report: we are nearly finished building the Dam.

The road to heaven

This morning I was thinking it’s like a Road off into the clouds.. Just keep going…

 And because its been a while since I posted Bad Safety Photos.

This is how much damage you can do to a HITACHI 1100 Excavator if you leave it parked under a highwall  over night….

 BEFORE :        damaged hitachi excavator


AFTER  :   damaged hitachi excavator after Its ok.. its funny because its not my company’s excavator…….


Now for a report on the Crochet front.. The Gown went with me to wait at the Doctors’ Surgery. Of course there were the usual ‘you don’t see much of that these days” comments, one older lady who remarked that I hold my crochet hook in a “knife” type hold rather than the way she was taught. Lots of people ooohed over the delicacy of the yarn. One of the nurse types said she could do a granny square but not “make anything like that”. When I gave her a hook and spare yarn and made a little chain and handed it to her and stepped her through making a fan….. you’d have  thought I worked magic.

Once you can make a Double Crochet, you can make anything.

It’s also funny to watch people’s faces when they see me dressed neatly and very ladylike-ish, crocheting and then being called in for a Mining Medical.

And with some pleasure, I hereby report that the four purple mohair squares are nearly finished. The black and white edgings are done and I’ve started joining them together.  Once thats done, its getting a row or two of border and some fringe and it’s off to its new home.

joining purple mohairs


So thats me…. On my last few days of having Three Toothbrushes.

I will still have two, one with M_F & F_F (and there’s a whole new lot of bloggery to come from that!) and one in the new site… But you have to wait for where that is!!

I am glad you all liked the Gown being modeled by Small Person, and I do feel honour-bound now to have that ready for his 21st!

Love to you all !!! 



~ by SB&C on November 27, 2007.

7 Responses to “Take a look at me now”

  1. you did what????? are you ok?

    i am off to bed now – hopefully will be able to chat more tomorrow. i just had to check in first since there has been so little from you!

    glad everything else went ok!


  2. I knew you’d pick up on that, Kris!! 🙂 I’m fine 🙂

  3. Kris wasn’t the only one who picked up on that one. I’m glad she asked, as I was burning to. Obviously you were feeling secure enough to be able to risk a prod. I hope you had a chance to get in how far you’ve brought yourself – surviving with bells on!

    Cold here again tonight – the wonderful red fluffy rug is out again.

  4. Sometimes you need to reconnect with the past, even the painful and difficult parts (perhaps those more so than others). I am glad you’re “soldiering on” and very good news about your lung capacity – I know who to send in my place if I ever need a medical 🙂

    You’re right, that photo does look like a road into the clouds and it’s beautiful.

    The purple squares are looking good, too.

    — Michelle (who will send a photo of Romance soon).

  5. I’ve been lurking for a few weeks (long enough to see the blog style change :)) and I with all the changes going on it your life, I wanted to say “Congratulations!” You’re a remarkable person for holding your own with “the guys” (a fun challenge that I miss) and you crochet at a pace I find amazing!!! Good luck with the move… especially sorting through The Stash.

    BTW, are you on Ravelry.com? I’d love to check out a showcase of all your crochet if you are.


  6. kate if you scroll down the page – on the right there is a spot that says pages – then is says something like gallery of crochet. manda has posted alot of her projects in there!

    manda you are getting quite the following! mmore and more newbies!

    thoughts going out to canadian barb!!!!! hope you are doing ok!


  7. Onward & upwards now!
    Manda, there is something I must tell you…..I feel like I’ve known you forever but I just can’t imagine this picture:
    “demure grey skirt and embroidered white blouse accessorised with pearls and neat black ballet flats.” hmmmn LOL!
    Bet you were glad to get back in your workboots & hi Vis.

    I don’t think you really understand something terribly significant you do for me – YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME SMILE !!!
    I enjoy our conversations and reading your blog, one day we will spend more lengthy time together in person. Maybe at your farm watching all the foals play! You are an amazing person – I want you to know that!!!

    Keep safe,

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