The quickest post ever

For all those who were concerned that I may have suffered some form of breakdown again, and had forsaken crochet for Johnny Depp.. fear not!

 Last night a technological breakthrough was achieved!

And Crochet was the winner! (Though the reason why this post is called quickest ever is because we have no technology.. no interenet and I’m stealing someone else’s computer!!)

The boys like watching movies in the dark.

When we sat down to watch the last half of Pirates (see- we go to bed – individually – at 2130 in camp, and it’s not enough time to watch the whole movie, so we’re doing it in instalments) last night, I really really really wanted to get the Purple/Black&White Mohair finished. 

 I looked at the lights.

I noted that the Rec Room is actually four small demountable shells pushed together to make one large space. I said to myself: “Self i said, Self. Self – there may indeed be four separate lighting circuits.”

 I walked around the room.

 I found not the 4 light switches I had expected but 7.


I flicked on. I flicked off..

 I possibly distracted overhead aircraft. 

Some of the switches have not yet been found to control a circuit at all related to the Recreation Room.

At least, not that I could detect or anyone complained about. 

 Finally, I  found an area of the recreation room where I could control the brilliancy to an extent  that fitted a number of criteria: mostly satisfying the needs of my dark loving fellow movie-watchers.

It didn’t reflect back onto the screen. It was dark enough that they felt like they were in the real movies

.In my little patch of brightness and whilst humming “A Pirates life for me” I set to work on turning a mass of purple and black and white mohair into an orderly afghanic creation.

This peace and tranquillity lasted until the first “are you knitting?” comment from one of the new drilling crew guys who walked in.Over that hurdle and enjoying the rapidity at which the squares had come together and I was onto the border before I knew it. Cannons blazing and Geoffrey Rush being fantastic on the screen (he’s very good in Elizabeth – The Golden Age too… actually – that’s a movie well worth seeing).

Another member of the drilling crew – a girl came to join us and wanted to see the afghan – which she admired as a sometime knitter and one who recognised that crocheters don’t like to have their work referred to as “knitting”.

More cannons, more storms on the screen – plus a magical storm outside.

Huge lightning bolts and grumbly rumbly thunder.

Another new person ventured into the room, one of our exArmy tough guys. He sat down next to me and peered at the mohair. “Hey Whats that?” I brace myself for the “knitting” I know is coming…“Thats kind of cool.”

He sat rolling a corner in his hands for a while.

He still thinks it’s cool this morning and I can just see he has visions of his favourite footy teams colours dancing in his head.

I kept working and then I got bitten.


.By the Yarn Monster who I swear sits at the other end of the ball and tries to match me stitch for mouthful.

Oh no.

I have run out of yarn with about 30 cm of border to go.

Before I panic….. BEFORE I PANIC….

I am *pretty* sure that there is still two balls at home.

Otherwise…. we’re in for a Toading as I rip out  the row of HDCs and try again with SCs.

And I seriously do hate toading mohair.

And here is where I am going to raise a slight issue….

purple afghan doneI do like this afghan… the amethyst tinges in the dark mohair, the geometry of the white and black borders that makes me think of horse show rugs.  But I feel like it needs something to brighten up the corners – maybe like a couple of stars embroidered onto it? Irish roses? Suggestions please?

Anyway – I’m home tomorrow!! Tonight will probably be Gown work…Ok – Time for my picture of the morning;

 sunrise 29 nov

And yes Barbara – there will be photos Sunrises at the new Toothbrush!

I swear to God and all the little merry Vegemites that THAT is what sunrise looked like this morning.

Not a shade of manipulation.It was magical.

And one of the reasons that I love waking up early in the Northern Territory.

The day has been nice and orderly, its’ nearly 1400 as I type (our internet is still down so I’m typing the entry in Word and then I’ll upload it as soon as I can mug someone for their computer) but as Bad Safety Pictures and Dump Truck snuff pictures seem to get everyone going..

 I thought I’d give you these two: (M_F – you may want to look away NOW)

Firstly, we have an example of how not to park a CAT.   upside truck

Whilst it has possibly achieved its most fundamentally stable position, the force involved in a 50 tonne truck flipping over has a bad effect on the operators’ neck. I will also add that I don’t work for Leightons, who are actually one of Australia’s strongest Mining Companies.

  Next :  burnt out dump truck We know I don’t work for Roche, and by the look of the Roche logo on the top of the tray,  I would guess this is actually a fairly old photo.

However it’s still an excellent example of how much damage fire can do to a Dump Truck.

Safety wise, we’re still on a roll. The Dam is nearly finished, the level of tourists (Client Company Senior Bods) is increasing, so much so that we have a Most High Senior Greater Spotted Safety Manager coming to visit tomorrow and true to form, the Clients people here n the project are running round making everything tiddly.

 So much so that they have put reflective tape on the trees.

This would be funny if they weren’t so serious.

Given the results of the last Audit (that we KICKED the Clients butt in!! – Their own auditor said they could take lessons from little me!! See M_F?  that Obsessive/compulsive thing comes in handy!) I will just keep doing what I usually do…

Counting down how long until I can go home…

And on Saturday.. I’m going to go through my wardrobe to be even more hard hearted than last week about clothes.

And taking photos of my closet for Julie C’s benefit, as she doesn’t believe that I can be neat and tidy…

 I can… just not for very long.

And honestly, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – this is the best job I know for getting paid six figures, and dressing like a vagrant.

Will be back tomorrow – hopefully with some more Gown to show you.

Love to you all!! 


~ by SB&C on November 29, 2007.

8 Responses to “The quickest post ever”

  1. […] Original post by Safety Boots and Crochet […]

  2. That is a beautiful sunrise indeed.

    Good luck with the extra mohair, I hope you find it and don’t have to toad (even with 20% mohair, it’s a real b*tch!). I think some white roses might look nice and brighten up the squares – but stars sound very appealing, too.

    I am sure whatever you come up with will be “just right”.

    — Michelle

  3. harhar…’six figures and dress like a vagrant’, sounds heavenly. The purple mohair blanket is so appealing with the sharp & tailored border. I vote for stars or a celtic design of some sort, seems in keeping with the high contrast. The sound of a CAT flipping and grinding to a halt on its head must be spectacular. Mostly, yeah you for producing the safety standard in the NT!!

  4. BEAUTIFUL Sunrise … looks like my West Texas sunrises!!

    The amethyst afghan is beyond gorgeous, and I love the thought of either roses or the celtic design that Barbara suggested!! Toading mohair would be on my top ten NOT to do list!! UGH …

    The picture of the bad Cat parking job is well, shocking to say the least – but MAN that had to hurt!! I bet that was one heck of a shockwave when that puppy hit the bottom!! We had a major accident here this week, hubby didn’t work it but they took him out on it for a consult. Our oldest son lost two dear friends/co-workers. Take care, and be safe!!


  5. I didn’t look away quickly enough! Tell me our drivers are much much more careful. Probably scared of having to explain to the red head. Nightmare fodder for tonight, those photos. Except the sunrise. We have pretty stunning sunrises in the other Territory too. And sunsets viewed from the deck with a glass of wine in hand aren’t bad either. Which reminds me – a mystery box addressed to you appeared on our doorstep – Brokenwood wine? More information please, before ffig decides to start his own wine tasting party. And the SMB is intrigued by the smells it’s picked up along the way.
    Bound to be talking to you this weekend
    Hullo to everyone out there – hope life has settled down for Canadian Barb now.
    Vietnamese take away has just arrived – Bye.

  6. Hi Manda –
    I found your blog through WNTC earlier this week and now I’m afraid I will be one of your stalkers too! 🙂 I am SO impressed AND inspired by you! I don’t even know where to start!

    Horses – I understand being far away from your babies! I have a quarter horse at my dad’s, about 3 hours away, who is getting up in age (she’ll be 19 in March). Your appy is gorgeous! I wanted to give her a kiss on the nose when I saw one of the pictures you posted! All of your horses are just beautiful! I am so happy for you that you will be able to visit them regularly soon!

    Crochet – my mom taught be the basic basics a couple of years ago. I bought the book, Stitch ‘n B*itch – The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is excellent at instruction. Come to find out, I was doing all sorts of things wrong! (So now my mom is getting this book for her birthday!). I hate to admit this, but I have been a big buyer of acrylic yarn. I know now (thanks to you!) that much better yarn is out there! I have discovered the joys of yarn from ebay! Wonderful stuff! You have expanded my ideas for new projects! I just dont know where to start yet! All of your projects give me so much inspiration – a level of greatness to achieve!

    I am sure you will see more comments from me (and hopefully a blog so I can start sharing some of my projects – nothing as complicated as the gown – YET). But I really wanted you to know how much you have inspired me. You show great determination in what you do! The crocheting, working in 3 different places so far apart, and following your dream! I wish you all the best – you deserve it!

  7. Tell the SMB that she can have the box and Ffig that its ok.. I have just managed to be early with delivering his Birthday Present and he may feel free to host his own party!

    For the rest of the gang – the Parentals spent three years living in Germany not so long ago, and Ffig (Father_figure, goes with Mother_figure) embraced the European concept of wine with every meal fairly wholeheartedly. So much so, that his brother (Uncle Terry) was prompted to comment that the only thing that would make Ffig’s life more complete was a wine he could drink with breakfast.

    Glad you like the truck photos.. or didnt.. as the case may be.
    LOTS (and thats kinda scary!) more to come!! I can only imagine what the sound of a dump truck landing on its back is like. I think you’d feel it more than see it.

    The very GOOD news on the mohair front.. after much agonised searching (including under beds.. under couches…) I found.. tucked away in a plastic storage drawer… one lonely little ball of SeanSheep Mohair. A little squished.. looking pathertic… but more than enough!!!!

    I’m loving the ideas of stars, roses and the celtic design. Will spread it out today and have a look!

  8. […] The quickest post ever purple afghan done I do like this afghan… the amethyst tinges in the dark mohair, the geometry of the white and black borders that makes me think of horse show rugs. But I feel like it needs something to brighten up the corners – maybe … […]

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