Obviously I’ve upset the Telecommunication Gods again…

Dear Telstra,

I dont know what I have done to offend you but I’m at a loss to know why every SINGLE time I have tried to organise something through your company it gets monumentally, nay ROYALLY screwed up.

There was the never ceasing battle over the telephone account at an address that I never lived at with my ex fiancee (as he was EX !) that your phone billing people wouldnt believe that he had nothing to do with and kept his date of birth on the system and so when I got asked those interminable questions, it was always a drama.

Then there was the 3 years that I received, or didnt as the case may be: bills addressed to some spurious made up address rather than the one I lived at. For the 1000th time there is NO SUCH BLOODY PLACE as 333 Alison Road Randwick. There is however, Room No 5, The Officers Mess, Randwick Army Barracks, and I got sodding angry about getting the phone cut off when you felt like it.

We could also mention how many times that you tried to, were going to .. were supposed to, send out the Broadband connection pack and FAILED. But kept billing me.

How you double billed me for my Broadband for six months and then told me it was my fault because I had moved to Darwin.

How, despite requesting it for a year, I still CANNOT get you to send me MONTHLY statements and keep getting these quarterly ones that arrive at five monthly intervals. After their due date.

I have tried to put all that behind me.

However… Telstra .. THIS TIME, you have outdone yourself.

On Tuesday I ordered a new Next G mobile phone. A Treo (Josh and CJ use them on The West Wing…). Business plan $69 per month. I spoke to a nice young girl.

I ordered it. I have the order number. It took an hour to answer all those questions about how I understand the cost of the phone, global roaming.. etc etc

I was so excited whenI went in to the Post Office to collect my goodies and my new toy – being the technonerd I am.

And… No phone.

I call your less than helpful customer support who and I find this to be incredulous:


That’s seriously whacked.

I found the order number. I provide the password and the other details I have WRITTEN DOWN and..

Not only is there no phone but your absolutely STUPID CUSTOMER NON-HELP ORDERING SYSTEM has not ordered my phone, and the order number that I was provided was given out three weeks ago.

I am beyond angry.

I’m going to call the Ombudsman on Monday.

And to make things better. The second sales rep I spoke to.. who didnt know where my new Toothbrush Town is located.. tried to tell me that “I needed a Sat phone as there’s no Next G coverage”. Which in terms of Bullshit is… ooooh… lets say : a cattle truck full of very nervous cows.

I was told to go to the Darwin Telstra store… they’d have a phone for me.

That was also a 5 trailer road train of exceptionally nervous cows.


This is Darwin. We dont get things unless we order them.

So… after shredding the salesman who told me “I should ring up and order one” I finished all the other things I had to do.

By the way…Still no phone.

Yepo.. Yesterday started out in spectacular form:

sunrise 30 nov

And I am sorry to report that I missed sunrise today as I was testing out what clothes I need to send to M_F again.pile of sorted clothes

For Julie C’s benefit : as M_F would like to point out I can be neat and tidy: for a short period of time….white blouse grey skirt

This is the outfit that 1 out of 1 retiring navy officers surveyed chose to wear when handing in the paperwork. 

Getting home yesterday was another example of Rick the Production Superintendent’s driving. Fast.

I was actually back in Darwin before it was completely dark and got a chance to catch up with my next door neighbour Gina. We’ve made a date to go to the craft fair this weekend.. Sunday… Christmas present time!

The terrific thing about getting home was : Not only was there the comment from M_F and an email as well.. F_F’s birthday present has arrived : 12 bottles of red. He seems happy 🙂

And… My heart was in my mouth as I hunted for an elusive ball of purple mohair… I just couldnt bear the idea of a mohair toad.

I searched.. I looked under things. Like couches. And Beds.

and then..in a yarn drawer I found… tucked up like a guinea pig.. a ball of Sean Sheep Brumby yarn. WOO HOO!!!

And this is what the purple mohair looks like now:

brumby purple mohair

I still feel it needs the roses.. or the stars.. or maybe another square of white superimposed over the middle – in the celtic idea suggested???


The goodies.. despite the obvious lack of new phone, included some more gorgeous yarn skeins that I spent a couple of hours turning into neat yarn cakes:

yarn cakes

Whilst reading the latest copy of Interweave Crochet and drooling over the broomstick capelet.  I haf an idea 🙂

So all in all – I cant say that today was one of the better days. I want toget my hands on someone in senior Telstra management and have them explain the dopeyness of their system.

I’ll end today on a higher note: hi to all the crochetville visitors !

And hugs to all my regulars!!! Will comment on your comments tomorrow.

When I’m back to my serene self 🙂

Love you all…


~ by SB&C on December 1, 2007.

5 Responses to “Obviously I’ve upset the Telecommunication Gods again…”

  1. I have as little to do with Telstra as I possibly can (which is actually quite easy now, as we don’t use them for any service).

    I am glad you found some mohair, looking forward to seeing what you add to the blanket – all the suggestions sound good (I couldn’t choose between them myself, so very glad it’s you who has to).

    I got Interweave Crochet yesterday when I spotted it at the Newsagency, the capelet is lovely but it’ll just be a project I admire every so often, not one I attempt 🙂

    — Michelle

  2. Tis well past the time gettin the Ombudsman involved.

    Couldn’t find Sol’s contact details BUT here’s the next best…

    Craig Middleton
    Telstra BigPond Corporate Affairs Manager
    0400 931 772 or 02 82364372

  3. Dare you to give Craig a call – just don’t tell him Kirky gave you his number. Nothing like going directly to the source – or you could just send him copy of this page. FFig is being very strong and won’t open the birthday present until Thursday. He is playing with his new alice though.
    Have a wonderful last week with two of the toothbrushes.

  4. Mother_figure.. you dont have to *dare* me to do anything. >:)
    I left a message for him.. he called me back and he promises to have the NT Regional Manager call me today.

    And trust me – in this case I WILL be going to the Omsbudman.

    Thank you Kirky!!!! And please everyone – take the time to check out Kirky’s blog!

  5. Hi,
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