Bright ideas.. or maybe NOT….

It’s Sunday…

And as I’m driving down to TB 2 with the Big Boss tomorrow and not tonight, I have had a much more luxurious day than otherwise.

The day started off like this:

sunrise 2 dec and I spent the early part of the morning industriously winding more skeins into yarn cakes and (drum roll please!)

Doing my entries for Canberra and Sydney Royal Shows.

This took place amongst much cursing and swearing and checking of patterns (and even.. in a landmark moment, a phone call to not one, but two of our commenters – and one I’m not related to!) however I have established a number of things.

a) 2008 will not be the year I have entries in every class.

b) 2008 will however be the year that I put in the booties my great grandmother made for me. In the Vintage class.

c) 2008 will also be the year that I enter photos.

d) 2008 may be the year that I go more nuts than usual.

After some judicious yarn versus pattern versus time calculations, I also reached :

e) it would have been better if I had started making more than 50% of the exhibits prior to the deadline for entry.

However – there’s nothing too complex … and I have come up with a cunning plan for what gets finished and when.

But the ideas I have had swirling in my head.. which you will all get to see come to fruitition or end up in a screaming smoking heap, with me mainlining gummi bears,  are these in particular:

Firstly, for the accessories class, I wanted to make a basket, using this ribbon yarn I really quite like – bought from yarnparadise on ebay.

So I started.. and so far.. so good:

ribbon basket

Just the sides and the top to go. The ribbon is making up quickly  and its balanced… so… ok…

My next good idea… and this is the one where I’m envisaging tears…. and things being flung!

For the Creative Crochet section.. I wanted to do something “recycled”. I’m not ashamed to admit that I visit St Vincents and Salvation Army Stores – I drop a lot of good clothes off and I’ve found some absolutely NEW clothes – a pure silk LBD still with labels attached for $7.  I’ve had people rave about it and I dont dare tell them where I got it.

Anyway – I had this idea. I wanted to find a jacket – in a tapestry sort of material – or maybe denim. I looked… and no…. but what I did find was this quite unassuming red shirt.

the red shirt BEFORE  Its actually a bit darker in real life.

What I intend (and have only a little confidence in my ability to do so) is to cut it up…. hem the slices.. and then crochet them back together… and replace the cuffs and “tails” of the shirt with a lacy pattern.

I have the thread… and some beads.. and I think it could look quite amazing…


There’s an AWFUL lot that could go wrong!!! Which I’m sure you’ll all appreciate the blogging thereof..

Part of my day was also taken up by visiting the Christmas Craft Markets held in the Darwin Indoor Sports  Stadium. Honestly – if you’re coming to Darwin, you should time your visit to take in a craft market. My next door neighbour Gina and I had a lovely time fossicking through everything. I met a number of knitters and crocheters who I told about the Saturday craft group, so I’ve done my bit of missionary work!

After finding half a dozen christmas presents, including one for Arcadia’s eldest daughter, I settled down to check through the entry patterns one more time…

And I discovered to my shame and horror – I did not have 957 yards of Ecru or Camel #10 thread needed for the Carriage robe for Barbie. I have Camel in #20 and #30 and even #40….. and do you realise what this means???

I was going to have to make the trip to .. Spotlight…..

I talked myself through it.

Just what I needed to buy…

Which is why…my basket ended up looking like this:

spotlight basket

I have no willpower….

The baby yarn is just a gorgeous shade of cream with the lustre running through it… and the mohair… well… I couldnt turn down that good a deal.


Anyway.. I’m home.. my washing is done, my bags are nowhere near packed.  I’m hoping that if I call the number Kirky has provided that the men with guns dont come to get me!

Kris’s daughter Kassie had her birthday party this weekend so a big Hi!!! from her adopted Aunt!

This is the last week of TB 2 and TB 3, it could get a bit teary this week!!

Hugs to you all – will talk to you tomorrow!!


~ by SB&C on December 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Bright ideas.. or maybe NOT….”

  1. i can’t believe you have all these ideas…while planning a move!!!! your are crazy girl! CRAZY!!!!! but i can’t wait to see what you put together! i am kinda in a slump and don’t want to do much crocheting – must be something wrong with me!

    Kassies party was ok. six screaming girls – and i mean SCREAMING! (four never bothered to show up!) all in all i guess it was ok! we survived (dad had some help from the pain killers the dr. put him on).

    i hope this week goes good for you!
    hi m-f
    talk soon

  2. I am really looking forward to seeing what you do with that red shirt, I am sure it will end much more happily than you are currently predicting. There was an issue of “Yarn” magazine recently (I don’t know how recently, though – two months?) where they did an article on ‘reconstructing’ clothes with crochet but it was fairly simple (like adding a collar / cuffs) – still, it was very effective.

    Your Spotlight basket looks just the way a shopping basket should, when a crocheter heads toward a yarny-shop 🙂

    Your Ribbon basket is coming along well and I am very interested in seeing how it finished!

    — Michelle (the least scary, least threatening person you could meet or speak to)

  3. Wow! You are ambitious! Your ideas are so creative. Since your sunrise/set pictures are amazing, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble in that class!

    Recycled crochet is a great idea! On some old wooly sweaters that just dont fit anymore, I have ripped out the seams and then undone all the stitches and reused the yarn. I am currently in the process of turning an old sweater into an afghan.

    I hope you are having a good week! (its only Monday morning for me.) Take care!

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