Shaking the yoke of inauspicious stars

I find it hard to believe I only have one more day here.

I remember my first sight of the Gold Mines – back in May, so very different from the grey ships, grey wharf, grey overalls, grey skies and the nightmare that seemed to be every single moment.  Here was red soil, orange shirts, orange trucks, mining for gold in the middle of the bush. Not how Terry Pratchett described it!

working hitachi and cat dump truck 

Tomorrow night will be my last night in this Camp, then I’ll head out to TB3 on that back road, for the last time. I was thinking of Romeo’s speech at the end of the play: “Eyes, look your last” hence the “inauspicious stars” headline. You can change your stars.. you just have to follow your feet.

All the same, I am sorry to be leaving here… but at the same time – I need to prove I can still do my job as well.. in a new place.

Must apologise, I dont have any new crochet to show you today – just the new layout which I’m actually a lot happier with! I’m not quite happy with the photo across the top – need a better blending tool than the one I have with me.

I have started the Patricia Kristoffersen Oval Doily – its for Canberra Royal and then M_F gets it for the top of an antique dressing table.

The news for the day was that I followed Kirky’s advice (and everyone who knows me is probably cringing right now) and I called the number she provided me.

So far, so good. I’ve had a lovely chat with the Regional Manager for Telstra, who described the situation as “revolting”. At present ,I have a new mobile number and a date with a security guard “Cookie” (and if you think I can say that without the whole Cooooookie inflection, you’re so wrong) to collect the Treo.

It may be the only Treo in captivity in the Northern Territory but it’s mine!!!!

So I’m nearly done for the day, I hope you do like the new format – comments as always gratefully received! And remember – you can change your stars – all you have to do is follow your feet – and trust your cape.


~ by SB&C on December 3, 2007.

6 Responses to “Shaking the yoke of inauspicious stars”

  1. […] Safety Boots and Crochet put an intriguing blog post on Shaking the yoke of inauspicious stars […]

  2. From everything you’ve shared on here, it’s obvious you’ve already come a long way – and you’ve got new places to go and things to do, more life to live 🙂 I hope you’re entering into an exciting and fulfilling but “gentle” phase of your life now.

    Good luck in your future dealings with Telstra, what a frustrating situation.

    I don’t like to be critical of the new format, maybe it’s just me but this font seems a wee bit on the small side (particularly for the comments – can you adjust that?), otherwise it’s very nice 🙂 I do like the photo at the top.

    — Michelle (who is very good at following her feet, straight into trouble!)

  3. i like the new format – it is just going to take some getting used to!

    snow sleet and freezing rain here this morning. two hour school delay!

    i hope your last day at tb2 is uneventful but good!


  4. I like the new format and the picture overlay! Its very fitting :). I hope things go well for you on your last day (which may be over by the time you read this. I think you are about 15 hours ahead of me since I am in Washington, DC)

    Congrats on the progress you have made with Telestra! It seems like you may have an inside contact now!

  5. Ok – I’m glad we’ve found a new format that seems to fit the bill!! I have worked out now how to use the CSS that controls the fonts and sizes – just have to purchase the upgrade package. I also need to buy some more room for photos, thats all easy to do. Just will do it on friday when I have a moment or two more in time!

  6. […] Shaking the yoke of inauspicious starsBy SB&CTomorrow night will be my last night in this Camp, then I’ll head out to TB3 on that back road, for the last time. I was thinking of Romeo’s speech at the end of the play: “Eyes, look your last” hence the “inauspicious stars” headline. …Safety Boots and Crochet – […]

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