Goodbye to Toothbrush Two

I was thinking of Thoreau this morning as I was driving into the site at Toothbrush Two.

“I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately”

The trees are greener here than at Jabiru; greener than they were six months ago. The grass is almost obscenely green and, though this morning started out very gloomy and grey,

 sunrise4 Dec 07 These sunrises just keep getting better and better, dont they??

There was still that green halo around each leaf.

 I did want to live deliberately.. I wanted to live in a place where I wasnt insulted on a minute by minute basis.

I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary.


Not sure if anyone else has ever made a career move based on Terry Pratchett novels : GoldGoldGoldGold but… so far so good. (and if anyone, who reads this blog, knows Pterry – could you let him know please?)  

Anyway –  now, its time to go…  I don’t know if/when I will come back. I’ve written a letter to my replacement – whomever that is.

 I said Goodbye to the shift this morning – the older man in the black Tshirt is Archie, our Scottish Supervisor, who pronounces my name with at least 12 more “Ar”s than it needs.

the pre-start meeting 

I said Goodbye to our blossoming Superpit:

An open cut gold mine which has had another slide….

And I still think of that night with poor White car… Poor White car.. Poor Simon’s little boys. I refuse to be sorry for Simon anymore. The Toxicology report came back and anyone driving with that kind of Blood Alcohol level and no seatbelt does not deserve pity. His little boys.. thats nearly unbearable.

I said Goodbye to the wildlife:

  a jabiruThis is actually a real live Jabiru!

I’m not driving out now until the morning – I’ve been flat out all day producing a 40 page document and a 112 slide powerpoint so we’ll make that trip along the Kakadu highway tomorrow…

Tonight: well.. I made progress on the Patricia Kristoffersen doily last night so we’ll see how far I can get tonight.

the embryonic doily somehow it makes me think of bacteria…

So, my last night amongst the trees…. then two nights in the sandy scrub and then what looks like a very busy Friday.. and a flight very early Saturday!

Are we all ready for this??


~ by SB&C on December 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “Goodbye to Toothbrush Two”

  1. Short answer – YES!
    And I rather like the new style – even though I miss the guinea pig! Bacteria? An amoeba maybe – one of those that live in drops of water.
    And so the first of the goodbyes is done. There will always be a soft spot for these toothbrushes – and what powerful ones they were – swept away all the dross from the past life. Now it’s onwards into the new adventure – and the toothbrushes will always be part of your story.

    Will be thinking of you as you tie all of this into your memories. You never lose that. The sunrises are really turning it on for you – I’m sure they’ll follow you to the new place.

  2. hi manda!
    one good bye is done – one to go. but you are leaving saturday? wow did not know that – is the apt even packed up yet?
    i hope the next several days go smoothly. can’t wait for this move to be over so we can chat normally (is there such a thing) again!


  3. Fantastic sunrise – glorious really. Yes, life is too short to be insulted or bored for long; bravo m_f for shepherding this woman on to new life! Why stay in a place where the process or people don’t see you or get your skills and gifts. The crochet does look like amoeba with scilia waving about…tee hee hee. BTW, I’ve been Googling Terry Pratchet and now ordered some books.

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