Happy Birthday and Goodbye

The first thing I have to do today – now that I am home at Toothbrush One is say a huge


to Father_figure.


shown here with a close friend.

Now, we havent heard from father_figure, I know that he has “looked at it” as that has been his response when asked about my blog, but he has remained silent on the ether…..

Anyway – I shan’t embarrass him with how old he is.. though I could tell the story about the girl who was concerned about his advancing years and was worried about his ability to carry two bottles of soft drink out to the car ūüôā

And so this was my last day at Toothbrush Three.

goodbye to Mount Brockman

I have been quite cagey about the company¬†I work for, and about the Client who owns the mine and.. also what they mine at Toothbrush Three. Normally I blank out the name of our company on my shirt (I dont bother when I’m wearing the Roche/Wulaign jacket) but I havent this time.

me standing in front of the dam

This is how I dress for my day at the office…. Very muddy Colorado trousers, Orange High Vis shirt, and of course: my safety boots.¬†Please note¬†The Huge Belt Buckle – couldnt find anything else to¬†hold up the trousers!¬† ¬†I’m having flashbacks to my days of Western halter showing with Sonn:

Sonntag and me at the¬†show¬†She got to wear the Blingbling halter and I had to wear the hat and belt buckle. Both of which are somewhat oversized. The reason why Sonn’s ears are up like that is that the Ferris Wheel had just kicked in and she was debating how many horse eating monsters (with knife, fork and ketchup at the ready) were riding on it. About two seconds after the picture was taken she decided she should leap backwards just in case¬†and nearly flattened a passing stockhorse.¬† Sonntag is, as previously discussed,¬† a carefully bred mix of Arab, Appaloosa and Warmblood. Unfortunately, ¬†she has a great many days where she behaves like an Arab, is as stubborn as a Warmblood and only looks like an Appy.

It was harder to say farewell to the Gang at TB3. I got more hugs, including from the Client staff. There was an Auditor (again I give it the Terry Pratchett capital A Рand Barbara who is buying her first Terry P books is in for a treat!) who commented that I must be the only Safety Officer to get cuddled when leaving ever!

Normally they throw a Farewell Party – after the Safety Officer leaves..

It was a long drive home Рthe grey clouds you see gathering behind me fulfilled their promise and came down, leaving sheets of water on the road. It was already dark so I dont have photos for you but I can tell you that there is no where on Earth that the sky can be that big.

Tonight and Tomorrow will be very busy – I have to do a lot of shopping and chasing around and then.. we are FLYING to the new site….

That will be a whole new thing!

So Happy Birthday Father_Figure – I hope the mysterious box that arrived last week lives up to its promise…

And.. we have closed off the first Chapter of Safety Boots and Crochet, onto the next!

Love to you!!


~ by SB&C on December 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “Happy Birthday and Goodbye”

  1. The picture of elephants seems from Kerala(South India)|

  2. Hi – Um.. Good Guess but wrong! The Heffalumps are at the Elephant training school in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  3. Happy Birthday F_F – what an AmazingDaughter you raised and fine Heffalump friends you have. Amanda, you are FABULOUS in the horse bling and I love the work on the shoulders of that jacket. Sonntag’s ears did rather say ‘alert’. Good for TB3 for acknowledging your work and legacy of setting the bar (and fine crocheting whilst doing it). Have a ball in Darwin closing up the apartment and can’t wait to see the new sunrises (hope there is lots of sky where you are going). Found a great link to a Pratchett ‘lecture’ at the NYC Borders, it is an hour long! Wow – what have I been missing?

  4. oh shoot i knew i was forgetting something this am when i checked in! m-f please tell f-f i said happy birthday. f-f if you are reading this your self well i wish you a very happy birthday! soon you will have one of your little girls closer to you and you can all celebrate together with said box! i hope you enjoy! (hi m-f)

    manda please be safe making this journey! and please please please please don’t forget the hook and yarn! if you forget anything i hope its not that! (would not be pretty).

    i am attempting to put the christmas tree up – not having much luck.

    ok i am off- please keep in touch!

  5. I’ve been very lazy in reading and commenting lately – will catch up properly later on tonight…hope you’re settling in well ūüôā

    — Michelle

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