The night before Tomorrow

In terms of long days – today would definitely be up there.

I started at 0410 as my alarm went merrily chirping off its little rocker- and I thought of new swear words…. 

 sunrise 7 dec

 But there was work to be done and  the major goal for the early morning was to sort out yarn. I developed two piles.

 One which is coming with me. One which is going down to the Parents.

 some serious yarn porn

The one closest to us- is the one coming with me.  It represents a high level of chaos order and discipline in terms of what I have selected and intend to finish .. and have the right hooks for.. and the patterns…. Did you know you can fit two balls of #10 thread inside a Size 3 safety boot?

The one further away.. which represents a VERY small fraction of The Stash….is going off to spawn a New Stash Colony.  We’d really like to thank Greyhound Buslines for their “Busfreight” service.

 Much Much cheaper than Australia Post!

I also dont want to think about how much the Seedling Stash is worth. There’s a LOT of yarn in there : Alpaca/Silk, limited edition Mohairs, pure Australian Wool… I have visions of some crazed Woolpig (like Harlot) hijacking the bus for the Heather Spun alone!

And I kept having a Bible quote going through my head.. as I was trying to choose yarn for the next however long “You fool, do you not know that this very night your life will be demanded of you?” Which I have no idea why…..

The list of things to be done was steadily getting longer.. despite me ticking off each item as I went round the roundabout. Part of my trouble was I got sidetracked by a favourite clothes store that is closing down… I have often looked at this gorgeous velvet Evening Gown (they only had it in an 8 which works ok ) but could never see any point in buying it. The trouble is I see plenty of clothes that I like, but I wont be going anywhere nice for a while.. But today… it was reduced… from $399…… to … $50…………….



Despite me saying that I was supposed to be buying Christmas decorations for the New Toothbrush Location, and the two girls who were also bargain hunting reminding me “Christmas Decorations” … I tried on another jacket and a second dress which made me look like a demented flower fairy. That was enough to return my focus to shopping. Noting that I still had washing to do.. and bags to pack.

The other important meeting for the day was with the Career Transition Cell .. In other words.. the people you talk to when organising your exeunt from the Defence Forces. It strikes me as a little bizarre that the people who help you get out.. are FAR MORE helpful than the people who are supposed to help you stay IN.  And again, I direct a pointed stare at DHA. 

The day continued in hectic fashion and I missed out on catching up with three people I meant to. I couldnt understand why, whilst waiting for Telstra AGAIN that I was feeling so light headed, until I realised that I hadnt eaten at all since the Mars Bar coming back from TB 3 yesterday – and it was now 4pm today.

I went and got Subway Turkey and Avocado on Honey Oat bread… and the poor sales guy trying to hook me up with Wireless Broadband was still on hold.  however I did collect the Treo.. and it does work!  I now have a slightly more guaranteed email link up so I can email everyone a little more regularly!

The thing I did collect was Another Brown Paper Package (Still no string)

another brown paper package and the thing to bear in mind here is How Small a Town Darwin Is. There is a significant security leak in the Safety Goods company that bundled together five pairs of work pants, five High Vis Shirts all with my new company Logo.. and NEW SAFETY BOOTS!!!!! and then put my name on the bag. Now… I order a fair amount of “STUFF” from Safety companies so my name is.. familiar with the main ones in Darwin.

ProtectorAlsafe and their Sales rep are very nice people.. so when they see my name being attached to a company that I don’t work for…

It’s Gossip – but it’s Good Gossip!

I’m nearly finished everything. I’m flying out to the new site at 0630 my time.. I have butterflies doing circuits of my tummy and the washing machine is chugging through its last load before I go to bed…

Are you all ready to be the new Kids in School?

hugs to you all! And talk to you tomorrow!


~ by SB&C on December 7, 2007.

6 Responses to “The night before Tomorrow”

  1. thinking of you!

    ps. you could have sent some of the vaulable yarn my way – i would have held onto it for you -heheheheehe!

  2. tyggffrrthfffffrfeeeeegbbn hhhhhhHhbvxbhjygg

    translation – hi auntie manda – love mia

  3. Good luck with the move Manda! I wish you the best!

  4. What discipline to send away yarn, brave Grayhound to guard the string. Can’t wait to see the new TB and new adventures. New Boots…that IS like first days of school. Yikes!

  5. not sure how long it takes to get from tb1 to tb-tba but its almost two hours since you left – hoping for somekind word that all is well before i shut down for the night – guess i will have to wait until tomorrow to hear.

    goodnight – hope you are safe!

  6. hi everyone i’m here! it’s hard to get messages through but will post on Sunday!

    Its all ok!

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