Where your feet (in New Safety Boots) can take you

Yesterday morning started *early*. 3am early.

I had to finish packing and then start stressing over everything else that I hadnt packed and physically wasnt going to be able to find room for but still rather wanted to be able to take.

At 5am… Topper (a Navy friend) came to take me to the airport – I didnt let him into my house as I was terrified by that point of letting he see the disaster area the flat had dissolved into.

However I had the luggage down to Laptop One, The Brown Backpack, One Black wheely suitcase and Bluebag. Purple bag has been left at home and the integral parts of crochet (hooks, yarn, thread, patterns) were distributed throughout Black suitcase and Bluebag.

Arriving at the airport I was greeted by the news that flights were being cancelled due to maintenance issue. This meant a number of people who were going to .. anywhere out of Darwin really had to be rebooked. This also meant I spent WAY too long standing in the queue trying to work out what the hell pattern was in the carpet :

 the carpet at Darwin Airport

The best I could come up with is it is supposed to be a Red Tailed Black Cockatoo. Looks freaky to me!!

After a longest wait.. we were allowed to board our very small plane. I was sitting next to a woman about my age with her 6yr old daughter and a 2year old little girl who had just learnt how to make that shriek.

The 6year old was very keen to “do things” so I gave her my camera and asked her to take a photo out the window.

the window photoAn interesting sight indeed..

But anyway – after another 20 minutes on the ground.. we made it into the air… And we headed EAST.

The view from my window was quite ordinary Australia : grey green trees on red orange dirt…. Until we began to approach the New Toothbrush.

redponds  Blood red dirt and process water ponds.

And I was suddenly thinking of Red’s speech from the Shawshank Redemption. Mother_figure refuses to watch Shawshank but its a movie I’ve watched half a hundred times and will watch again and again quite happily. For a long time I scoffed at the idea of hope… there just seemed to be no point but  maybe there is 🙂

I find I am so excited I can barely
sit still or hold a thought in my
head. I think it is the excitement
only a free man can feel, a free
man at the start of a long journey
whose conclusion is uncertain…

And then I found myself in ….



650kms from anywhere.. a little town built around an Aluminium Mine and refinery.

We’re on the Coast here and the beaches are just beautiful!! There’s crocodiles on them but they are still just so white against the green of the sea. Its still in the Northern Territory but on the opposite of the Territory – closer to Queensland.

 I was taken for a show around by the Project Manager – this is a view

The new camp from the lookout

The camp I am living in has about 1500 people, its huge – reminds me a little of Little America in Bahrain, one of the staging bases for us during 2001-2002.

And so I’ve made it.. my first day was a lot of paperwork filling in… and I cant take photos just yet so we’ll get to see whats happening in the next week.

I slept through til 5am this morning and found out that the food is as good here as TB 1 and TB2… And I bought a new toothbrush  TB G!

And thats where my new boots have brought me:

new Safety Boots to this place by the sea where I really do believe in hope….

Will work on getting back to our stunning early morning shots and emailing people more regularly!

Love to you all – from TB G!


~ by SB&C on December 9, 2007.

6 Responses to “Where your feet (in New Safety Boots) can take you”

  1. Wonderful to see the photos and to feel your sense that this is right. I reckon Gma has had a small part in nudging things along too. It didn’t take her long to get on the job. I think you’re living the life she would have loved to have lived had she been born in a different time.

    Gove looks so different from what I imagined and we’ll be up to see it for ourselves soonish.

    And I did watch Shawshank redemption once – but man’s inhumanity to man depresses me too much!

    Believe in hope – trust your cape!

    Have a marvellous, adventurous week. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. so far so good!
    glad to see you excited about it!
    finished the tree and all 34 nutcrackers are out! hi m-f!!!!
    can’t wait to hear what the week brings you. don’t forget pictures of your new quarters.


  4. I know, I know, long time no write! Sorry, I am so busy with Christmas crochet and then Mom asked me about something she’s making and somehow I ended up making these tiny flowers with 2 strands of embroidery floss and a number 10 steel hook and that’s not including what I am trying to work on…

    Anyway, with Mom hogging the computer to play on Pogo and TJ watching his cartoons on here I don’t get on much. lol

    Just letting you know I am still alive and proud of you making such a big step. I know how hard it is to leave your comfort zone. Keep in touch and I will try to do the same.

  5. good luck Manda, you’ll do fine

    send me an e-mail when you get a chance and let me know if you got your package, I want to throw out the damn receipt lol..

  6. Bravo on Gove, they are lucky to have you. Crocodiles on the beach…does one swim there with crocodiles? Your new boots seem nice and dusty-ready. The pond shot looks like
    Google-earth! Have a great first week!

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