Habeas Testiculus, Cardius et Cerrebelus

I’m now on my third day of working at TB G. I have been soaked from the knees down (at least) several times, most recently when trying to mend a hose (fortunately water, given the nature of some of the liquids around here) using a roll of duct tape.

The good news is it worked.

After wrapping the first split – I actually had a helper for the second and third splits and it’s still holding this afternoon.

This is a Civil Construction project I’m on – there are the obligatory big CATS and Volvos.. and the huge Hitachi excavators but they are further away. The substance mined here is Aluminium.. my job is oversee safety for the contractors building a lot of the elements in the refinery.

And boy …. it’s.. um… interesting (in a Chinese curse Interesting Times sort of way)

funny safety cartoon

The big hurdle today was one of the work crews. They’re Greek.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that one.

However.. when you see your predecessor being physically restrained after a heated conversation, you too might begin to wonder why you were offered the job and flown in such a hurry.

And they didnt flinch at the hourly rate you were told to ask of them.

But I feel like I’m winning a little.. everyday I ask myself what I have done to make the job safer – the big one I did today was a steel ladder being fabricated in the workshop that had VERY sharp points at what will be the top of the ladder/steps.

The ladder was lying lengthwise on its side on the work bench with the two uprights pointing out. One was about head height.. the other about waist height.. and the pointy point was pointing out. And I’ll point out again that the points were at waist height.. on me… which means.. that the points were about.. crotch height.

Are you seeing my point??

I raised the issue with the boys – by using the Habeas Testiculus Cardius et Cerrebelus method a little more literally than usual (normally when you have them by the integral parts of their anatomy, hearts and minds will follow). By protecting their nuts.. using padded gloves over the points.. they laughed..and suggested four other things that could be done in quick time.

So I am pleased with that!

I do apologise for the lack of sunrises, I have a plan for tomorrow!

On the crochet front – the PK doily is making ground. I did decide to frog the whole thing back to the beginning as I was not happy with the starting chain and first lot of DCs – it just wasnt laying flat.

 I have brought with me a Cardigan from last years Interweave Winter magazine which needs the front and a sleeve done, plus Barbie and her carriage robe, the Gown and some spare Baby yarn (fingering weight for the US people). I will snap some shots tonight…

So that brings me to the end of Day 3, we’re getting there!!

Love and hugs to everybody! Barb is back and hopefully ok??


~ by SB&C on December 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Habeas Testiculus, Cardius et Cerrebelus”

  1. hey you!
    i am glad things are going ok. it helps to know you made the right decision for you. i forgot you would be working weekends now too and silly me thought this was going to be your first day on the job.
    thanks for the laugh so early in the morning! boys can relate to anything when you let them know it has to do the the “jewels”.
    we have a two hour school delay this am! lucky me!
    keep up the good work

  2. Oh ouch, I am wondering how in the world the points ended up on the ladder in the first place. I just can’t envision why they were necessary!

    Glad to see everything is going well for you and that sense of humor is still intact. I will be awaiting crochet pics. 🙂

  3. Can this scaffolding for non-scaffolders product keep your maintenance crews safer?

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