“Oh man.. don’t hit me with those negative waves so early in the morning!”

Good morning and once more I have to apologise for the lack of sunrises…

Something about living 650kms further east than I was previously – sunrise happens considerably earlier here and I still havent managed to tally getting up with sunrise.

In fact last night I missed sunset as well – I fell asleep at 1800. And therefore no crochet either. The Patricia K doily is actually growing but it looks a little dingy to me so I may call it the practice round and do another one.

There is much more running around here.. and please forgive me.. I am.. despite trying to be a positive person (and confining my criticisms to THE OTHER BLOG) ….I am going to have to have a whinge  (and it will explain why today’s title is a quote from another of my favourite movies : Kelly’s Heroes)


There is a person here… who I happen to be replacing and that may be one of the reasons and at least some of the inspiration for the continual stream of invective…. but he grumbles.. and he bitches.. and he repeats himself.

Several times in the same sentence.

And I am beginning to cringe as soon as he walks in the door.

And although, I try to follow “The Secret

And start each day with a list of what I expect from the universe today.. how I plan to ride out the humps and bumps.. and try to turn on the power of attraction so that only good things come to me, my friends and the people who work around me.

It’s seriously dampening my positivity when the grizzle starts at 0600.

Work today has been varied…

 One thing I’ll give the Client company credit for here is that they do a REALLY good meeting lunch!!! Roast Beef Sandwiches with real swiss cheese and proper mustard!!!! We are making plans for surviving cyclones, this is a (hang on – M_F – can you turn off your screen now please?)

a really really cyclone prevalent area and I wouldnt mind betting that we have to go through one in January/February.

The meeting was productive. The meeting before it saw one of our guys return to work.. and the meeting before that saw me convincing our painting crew to return to work en masse.

Now if I could just fix the Greeks… all will be very good.

until the next thing that goes wrong O.O .

Anyway.. will start improving on the photograph taking…hopefully the new camera I have my eye on will help!!!

Love to you all!


~ by SB&C on December 12, 2007.

2 Responses to ““Oh man.. don’t hit me with those negative waves so early in the morning!””

  1. Ni bastardii carborundum! A bit of Latin to counter the Greek and misery guts. If you’re replacing said misery guts, does that mean he’s on his way out – or just moved sideways?
    Glad you’re getting more sleep though –
    Cyclones – well, they didn’t find you in Darwin, maybe they won’t find you in Gove…
    More parcels tied up in – don’t know actually because still have to collect them from PO – have arrived. Ffig will collect tomorrow.

  2. ok so why is m_f the only one that has to turn off her screen! my mouth probably fell further than hers! UUGGGGGG! i thought this was a good move! lol
    i hope the downer moves on soon so that you can get on with the job at hand – happily!
    whens the first trip home to m&f_fs? christmas maybe?
    please don’t appolgize for your lack of pictures. you have a new life and new job to get accustomed to. those things will come in time!
    i am glad m_f is getting all her packages – ours still has not found us. majorly grumpy now!
    keep your chin up – this too will pass.

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