When your God shows his mortality

My longest standing friend (who goes by the name Arcadia on here and who has custody of my fourleggeds) has just sent me some horribly shocking news:

Best-selling author Terry Pratchett (file photo).

The author of the Discworld novels… the source of much of my humour, inspiration to go Gold Mining and the reason why I have reprogrammed the Treo to say “Bingeley Bingeley Beep“, Terry Pratchett, has announced that he has Alzheimers’.

To whichever of the Small Gods has looked away – no more sausages for you.

Douglas Adams died of a heart attack whilst working out in a gym, Jim Henson died of pneumonia… Terry Pratchett’s brain is betraying itself….


I did make it up for a sunrise this morning – its not the most exciting one, over the Camp:

sunrise over camp

Will keep trying!

And on the list of keeping on trying is the PK doily – which is still making progress

pk doily grows a bit more

I still think it looks a little dingy in the centre – though it may just be the light in the shot…

Work sees people springing out in rashes (it goes with the plague of frogs quite nicely) and for an IT guru, I make a great safety officer!

Will catch you all later!


~ by SB&C on December 13, 2007.

One Response to “When your God shows his mortality”

  1. How Awful! That’s god’s great sense of humour for you! But Terry Pratchett has certainly got good mileage from that brain – and left a wonderful legacy. Cling to that! And if anyone could see the funny side of Alzheimers, he will!
    Doily is looking good – I’m sure it’s just the light.

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