Amanda’s Letter to the Greeks

I was hoping that it would be something impressive and inspirational, up there with the classical “Go tell the Spartans we died here, obedient to their commands” or one of the Letters by Timothy or whomever wrote to whomever in the latter stages of the New Testament to tell someone else that even though the Romans were about to nail them up side down to a couple of planks – it’s all good.

Not so in my case.

I spent an hour looking at the issues that the Client has with the Greeks. The Greeks work for us – laying concrete.

Then I had to check out the drawings : wanted to make sure we weren’t going to come in and find a Parthenon in the middle of an Aluminium refinery. They are actually quite good workers: they put up the forms quickly and then pour the concrete and disappear until it sets. The trouble is .. well… lessee… there’s the exposed arms of rebar sticking out. There’s crumbled concrete on the ramps. There’s empty concrete bags, there’s bent nails.. there’s electrical leads, there’s no tags on ANYTHING and… well… Personal Protective Equipment… yeah…

We could still be in the Classical Age, building the Parthenon or the Colisseum and hoping that we dont become part of the entertainment. 

Then came the surprisingly productive chat with Constantin.

And I’d like to thank Alta Vista’s Babel Fish online translator.

I swapped ALL our Policy documents into Greek, and gave them to Con… and he read out what they said (and it wasnt even translatese!) So we now have a Way Ahead. In between everything else I did this afternoon – I translated all the Danger signs.. all the Fatigue Management Signs and even the Emergency Contact signs into….


Then I wrote a letter introducing myself… and trying to explain why Safety is important…. and then translated into … Greek.

And … well.. if you’ve ever sniffed a Greek Greengrocer – being hugged by a Greek Concreter in the Northern Territory is WORSE…

The Letter is going to be my way of introducing myself at the First Ever Greek Safety Meeting on Thursday.

I dont think it will change the world but.. you never know what could stop someone getting hurt …

Anyway – Today marks another couple of milestones.

 Firstly, I’ve survived a week in my new job and I’ve only had one burst of teary “not sure this is right” ness.

Secondly, it marks the first time I’ve invoiced any one for my services as my own business entity. 96.5 hours for a week. Sheeshk. When you calculate that at the hourly rate… There is plenty of work in the mining/resource industry.

Thirdly, One of the things that was so depressing for me last year was the loss of a foal that Mother_figure and I had organised the breeding of. He wouldnt stand to feed and despite all the efforts at the stud, he had to be put down. The vets bills were astronomical and all I could think was that it was the sort of thing that kept happening to me. Any  hopes and dreams I had would just result in a horrible horrible waste and mess…

And I had hoped for a foal that would be my next competitive horse.

I have arranged for isobel and sonntagMadam le Spot to go to a gorgeous Liver Chestnut stallion not far from Arcadia’s (so she’s safe from Equine Flu)  and my shared-with-Arcadia-Girl Tess is going to the really impressive Black Warmblood Richmeed Medallion.

So …. that’s part of my next phase of my plan…….

Fourthly – oooh!! I made progress on the Doily and we have hit round 19! of 27

doily row 19

It strikes me as having a few issues – at one end you HDC in batches of six stitches and then at the other end you work in batches of SEVEN.. I’m pretty sure its the pattern and not just the dyslexia but… if anyone knows of a correction .. or maybe knows Patricia Kristoffersen??

So thats it from me in TB G tonight – hugs and hellos to the Crochet Goddesses!

talk to you tomorrow!


~ by SB&C on December 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “Amanda’s Letter to the Greeks”

  1. hi!
    you have mail! i hope. let me know if you don’t


  2. Hey Manda – I am sorry to hear about the foal. We have bred two horses and had problems with both foals (different mares, different studs). They both had issues with being able to stand up on their own. After many trips out by the vet and several weeks of 3 shots a day, plus all those vet bills, they both got better and are doing very well now! I hope things go well for you this time! *Think happy thoughts*

    Your amoeba has turned into a doily! Very nice! I’m back working on the avatar afgahn – I’ll try to send you some pictures today.

    And congratulations on making it through your first week! Its hard taking new job, new people, new everything! I’m sure I would have freaked out a bunch! You’re doing great!


  3. This was a wonderful post and the title just crinkled my brain with happiness…tee hee. And brilliant to translate policies into Greek, your resourcefulness and positive perspective is inspiring.

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