My Dinner Dates

I have many reasons for the lacks of posts this week and (in keeping with the massive lecture I got yesterday) Ihave photographic evidence to back it up!

First of all – I should show you a picture of The Newly Created Safety Team.

The Boys and Manda

I told them to “act natural” as they were some what reluctant to have their photo taken. Dan – tall guy next to me, normally cant stay still and jiggles – he looks doped. Stuart – short guy next to me looks sane (and makes me look tall!) but the other four … I’ll give you a hint : the one on the extreme right? His nickname is Alien.

O.O as Canadian Barb would say!

I have been working long hours for the past couple of days and just not feeling up to showering and changing to go to the Mess. My next door neighbours : Cambodians (and apparently legal!) sit outside in the breezeway every night and cook their own dinner. It always smells good.. very good… and last night I was invited to join in…

Lemongrass and chilli Crab. Fresh caught that day.

the cambodians who cooked me dinner

They thought it was very funny that I dont eat “like an Englishperson” as I was cracking the crab claws in my hand and eating out of the claw – the way I’ve seen Indonesians do (when I’m apprehending then.. and wasnt that hard not to share the crab when offered) and then licking the chili paste and crab bits off my fingers.

And the crab was delicious – though serious chili happening. Father_figure likes chili  but even this would make his eyebrows bristle.

The great thing I am finding about being here at TB G is this difference between my work day (chasing after people, writing policy, trying to wrangle contracts) and then being able to get away in the evening for an hour (even if I’m working 12 hour days).

How can you not delight in something that looks like this?

Wherever you go let me go too

Anyway.. I got lectured at length yesterday for pointing out an unsafeness that was happening in another construction area.  What do I know about Excavators?

My laptop was on Screensaver gallery mode with pictures from TB 2 and TB 3.

I just pointed.

In terms of crochet – I have made a sidestep.

I have been working on the PK doily but I’m not happy with it.

the doily makes it to rnd 23 you can really see the difference between the 6 HDC end and the 7 HDC end.

I still like the doily’s general pattern so I’ll call it the rough draft and do up another one, it’ll be faster as I’m not running blind into the pattern.

What I did do.. apart from eating a lot of chili crab .. is start the Barbie Cloak for Canberra Royal.

This is using polished ecru DMC in Size#8 and ordinary rust coloured sewing thread held together.

the skirt Let me talk about some aspects of crocheting for awhile.

Firstly – this is my first time doing Front Post and Back post stitches. The pattern calls for alternating DCs and Fp or Bp Stitches. Its quite zippy once you get the hang of it and no-where near as mind numbing as just DC after DC. Which is good as there are 36 rows of 278 stitches to go.

Secondly – the hand feel of the Sullivans DMC Size 8. It’s GORGEOUS. Its so slinky and its just rolling off the hook and staying paired up with the sewing thread.

 barbie gets dressed I am looking forward to working this set : it’s an over cloak trimmed with fur – which I have to find when I get back to M_F!

I am also thinking now about Angls with two strands held together!

Have to run! Hugs to you all!!!

Kris – a Mog is a CAt – you’ll meet them VERY SOON!!!

Elaine is working hard on her Afghan and there’s a new one being started and I cant wait to see the photos!!!!

Hugs again!!


~ by SB&C on December 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “My Dinner Dates”

  1. YEAH!!!!!!
    i missed you!!!!
    what an awesome picture- wish i was there!

    m_f everything ok?

  2. I’m here – just working too hard – and probably too many Christmas parties in the last week. I also LOVE the photo – think I’ll borrow it for a screen saver.

    Sounds like you’re getting your team sort out well. Learned anymore Greek words?

    see you very soon now

  3. Wow…what a photo of the sky, sand, water. I just felt into it. Motley crew on the Safety Team, also loved Mr. Safety Team without the orange shirt and with necklace. Isn’t that a safety issue…could get caught on something? So, if employer understands all you do know about the excavators etc., perhaps your job will grow? Will that be good? You’re right – the doily’s ends do not match. The Barbie outfit is fantastic – you must have very good eyesight.

  4. they are a motley crew!! I refer to them as the Usual Suspects.

    Mr Safety Team with the Necklace and the Hair is a Kiwi. We love him still…

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