Australian Art Awareness #2 (and Clandestine Crochet)

There is a bliss in having time to yourself. Magnified many times over by having worked long hours for a long period, which, whilst the money is nice! doesn’t make up for just having time to stop and look for a while. 

Besides – it’s Christmas – I can tell because of my USB Christmas tree: 

 my christmas tree is usb

And the number of Candy canes I’ve eaten…. 

The sporadic postings of the last few days have been dictated by the fleeting nature of Next g wireless broadband and the tortoise-like characteristics of the dial-up (oh.. and draconian security measures that don’t like anything that might be fun)

When you use the colloquium “fell over” to describe a piece of equipment that is broken; you’ve really hit the nail on the head here! 

And to my eBay sellers – I do apologise!!!

Blame Telstra – God knows, we do! 

Anyway – yesterday to celebrate being at the end of a fortnight and a slow day where my greatest contribution to site safety was being used as a counterweight (And I have endured all the jokes about “Safety Officers who throw their weight around” and that next time the company should hire a heavier safety officer – when the pipework sprang back and threw me off. At this point, I elected to go drive star pickets in the ground as I didn’t quite like the idea of explaining how I came to be standing on an 8ft length of pipe that was levering a concrete form out of a trench. Yes – I am a Bad Safety Officer )) 

Um.. where was I ? … oh yeah – balancing on the pipe.

 We took our lunches :  my lunch – cheesymite scrolls with black olives in the first box, Beetroot, Eggplant, sundried tomatoes, cucumbers and sliced turkey breast in the furthest one. 

  We being: VJ – Praveen Vijayakumar the Project Manager Mal (that’s his arm)  and me…

 vj and mal’s arm 

 went out for a look at a neighboring Aboriginal Community and its Arts and Crafts Centre and I was struck by the difference in the designs of the indigenous paintings here from the dots and the “Fur” styles I’ve been seeing.

  art centre 

I like these dream logs – the different families have differing patterns and they remind me of sheet music: repeating phrases and stanzas as verses and the chorus.

dream logsM_F and F_F are coming for a visit next year so this is definitely a place for them to visit. This Aboriginal community has a sense of hope that some of the others I’ve visited this year just have lost. The children have flashing smiles, and are very black with curly hair. Bright colours are important and they seemed happy riding their bikes in groups and waved at us in our red ute, as we drove past. 

The new job is still ticking over well. I’m learning a lot more about welding and pipework than I ever thought necessary but the wharf upgrade section is something I do understand!I

 still miss my big Trucks and Excavators though….Not when they look like this: 

 dump truck vs ute But hey J 

As for crochet: Barbie’s skirt has continued quite merrily and is currently on Row 36 of 50.

I say currently because it’s sitting in my desk drawer and I’m surreptitiously sneaking stitches when no one can see into my Office!!! crochet hiding in my drawer

A word on crochet here as well: There is a magic point for me in crocheting. Actually several but I want to talk about this one.

It’s when my piece of work becomes Longer than it is Wide. Not sure why its just a moment of “There!!” for me, but it is the moment when I felt like I had actually achieved something!!! The Barbie skirt was down to her calves when I left this morning. Once the meeting outside my office has finished – I’ll be back at work!!!

 Or.. not.. as the case may be J 

We’re heading home to Darwin (TB1 .. which I may rename TB D – to go with our new TB G and VERY SHORTLY!!! TB C! ) tonight at 8pm. Another 1 hour plane flight where I’m not allowed to crochet….. I would REALLY like to finish the skirt today and then the jacket tomorrow in Darwin (amongst the packing… and the shopping… and the housework) so I can buy the fur trim down in Canberra and sew it on. It occurred to me I should explain the Geography for those who aren’t familiar with a) my life or b) Australia. 

 Firstly – my parents (M_F and F_F) live in Canberra. We have lived in other places (like the US, UK and recently for the parentals : Germany) and they have returned to Canberra, the capital to settle down.  I, for lack of anywhere else, refer to Canberra as “home”. Canberra is located in the Australian Capital Territory, I work in the Northern Territory, amongst people who are very proud to be Territorians. As I’m not an NT original (and trust me, that’s important!) I point out I’m from the “other” territory and thus “not so bad”. 

The NT is very much the last frontier and Darwin can be completely cut off from the rest of Australia by road during the wet season. It’s a binary situation here – either we have it, or we don’t, so you make do. You cannot do anything to change the seasons or the distance, you just have to wait. I am now working at Gove or Nhulunbuy (depending on the ethnicity of who you’re speaking with) which is even more remote. 1000 kms on bad road if you want to drive back to Darwin otherwise its 650 m by air or 780nm by sea. Gove is rapidly growing on me though. 

The plan for the next few days is to fly back to Darwin, pack up more of the stash for transportation south to Canberra (where you will all get to meet the Mogs – hope you’re ready for this Kris!) and then fly home. I have a list of things that have to be done!! barbie’s skirt keeps growingAnd surreptitious Barbie clothing is only one of them. 

So I’m going to sign off now and see if I can’t squeeze out another 15 rows of DCs before anyone notices and I go home…. 

 Merry Christmas to you all – talk to you tomorrow – 650 Km away!  


~ by SB&C on December 22, 2007.

4 Responses to “Australian Art Awareness #2 (and Clandestine Crochet)”

  1. Hi
    Gove sounds better all the time. Am really looking forward to that gallery – so what if we don’t have wall space!
    We do have candy canes on our tree now which is slightly bigger than your usb one. SMB helped me decorate it last night by checking out all the boxes for grooblies. She also discovered glass when she tried to start a fight with stupidcat through the window. SMB took a leap at her and hit the solid air between them – bounced back a few feet, she did. And, of course, hurriedly washed to hide her embarrassment! See what you’ve got to come home to!!
    See you very soon

  2. missed you!
    things have not been that great here – more later!
    happy you are going home to mum and dad!
    be safe!

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  4. […] Australian Art Awareness #2 (and Clandestine Crochet) […]

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