The night before the night before Christmas!

Back home at TB1, and very glad to be here…. even if we have a cyclone warning!!

I left TB G last night but finally managed to get a sunset:

 sunset 22 dec

Which matches Sunrise this morning quite nicely!

 sunrise 23 dec

The flight was uneventful  but the Qantas check in girl deserves my undying gratitude as she let me crochet for the hour until the flight was ready for boarding, and then slip the thread and hook back into my bag.

crocheting at the airportA short person in the queue was very happy to take my photo (it stopped her from murdering her brothers) and being a TBG resident she may come along to the craft group next year. I’m going to keep teaching 10 year olds how to crochet!!

 Today has been a fairly typical pre-Christmas rush. I have acheived in the present department:

 santa is out of a job

however not in the housekeeping area 😛

My other acheivement was getting into the hairdressers to have the Hair trimmed. This was an acheivement because my hair was cut by a deaf Irish hairdresser.

Sounds like a joke, but its not. Her name is Sorcha and she is profoundly deaf but is actually very capable of coherent speech so we got along fine. She liked my description of what I wanted done: “Cut it to where it’s free of splits” as opposed to a specific length that has different meanings for everyone.

And the third achievement was Barbie’s outfit:

 barbie’s outfit

 We have finished the skirt and half the jacket!!!

  Tomorrow is the big day – flying home to TB C for the first time in nine months. Still have to pack and chase around in the morning before the flight at 1230.

Will see you all tomorrow!

Good night!


~ by SB&C on December 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “The night before the night before Christmas!”

  1. kinda strange to see you in something other than safety orange!
    you made those lovely bows? wow i am impressed! bows – well i don’t bother with them! nope, i don’t.
    hope you made it home safely!
    thinking about you!

  2. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying your time at TB C!

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