How to Start a New Year

I lead such an exciting life!

To mark the new year, I added 16 rows of white mohair/acrylic (it’s ok .. It’s GOOD Acrylic) to….. Avatar Afghan II – the Sydney Royal version.

So, Elaine – I’ll race you! I’m at 19 of 54!  and you should see my plans for the border!!!

I was at home, now I’m back at TB G –  I do have photos and Laptop I is feeling MUCH better now, thank you to the Wonderful Miko at the Acer Repair centre in Cairns. He TOOK MY LAPTOP HOME AND REBUILT IT ON NEW YEARS EVE.

I’d marry him if he wasnt already married and has a 21 year old Daughter who showjumps.

So on my list of things to be grateful for so far, is that there are people in this world who do believe in helping a stranger who is mildy panicked.

And has a dead laptop.

On my list of large corporations who screw up and you have to be polite at until you find someone who cares, we are now adding:



Harvey Norman Computer Stores.

Qantas. For the third time, you lot lost my luggage. Then enroute Cairns one of your baggage handlers managed to trash my suitcase so the zip was damaged on one of the external compartments.

Yes – the nice lady at Canberra did upgrade me to Business Class but…. let’s quit it with the “100 Creative things to do to Amanda’s Bags” Ok?

Harvey Norman. Yep.. I went in to buy Laptop 1 a Christmas present. Several in fact. He got a new laptop bag, a cordless mouse and… 2 x 2 GB Ram chips. (if you’re nerdy, you’ll recognise that the latter is a reasonable amount of dosh). Firstly, the Salesgirl was… less than brilliant. she couldnt spell my surname. Couldnt grasp that there are  two N’s and 2 L’s.

And its not pronounced with a “y”.

Or that I live in the NORTHERN TERRITORY and not “New South Wales”. Yes that would be NT and not NSW. Yes Northern.. That would be in North of Australia.

And no.. you’re going to use the address that I give you… not some weird made up thing.

And… then….. the ram chips were installed and the laptop made some clunking sounds. He didnt like the idea of booting up.  But they were closing and so I had to go.

And i was fairly aggrieved with the stupid salesgirl who really had screwed up every data entry she could. So I went home.

Got home. Laptop is ill.

Tried again. Blue Screen of Death. Wont even ENTERTAIN the idea of booting.


Dad tried. Unfortunately my Father_figure, whilst he has many other sterling qualities (he makes a mean lamb roast and sings Sink the Bismarck) has this habit of peering at a laptop and not DOING much.

This coupled with the realisation that once again a Large Australian organisation had screwed up my plans was getting on my nerves.

Sorry figures plural 🙂

Anyway…. In Cairns, the nice Acer man removed the RAM and found that one of the $300 chips was CACTUS and the stress of trying to conduct Chip Pulmonary Resuscitation was nuking, and in fact had out-and-out fried the operating system.

So, the upshot of all of this is : the formation of my major New Year’s Resolution:

“Wherever possible, support the Little Guy”.

 That means for the following organisations:





you may just have one less customer.

I’m tired of the “poor service now, apologise later” mentality.

Broadway Credit Union for example. Not the biggest organisation, but gee! you’re nice people!

Little Yarn stores that know what sort of yarn they have on the shelf… Rather than big superstores where, when the saleswoman is shown my pattern for Barbie in her carriage robe.. and I ask for a matching sort of fur – dark fox.. takes me around to the other side of the store and shows me a ratty PURPLE TUFTED ACRYLIC saying “this is what you wanted!” SCHTOOPID!!!!!!!

*vented*  *smiling now*

I did end up buying fur. I bought some faux fox from another store in Civic in Canberra and as a back up, a lovely lady in Kuranda markets gave me a strip of Kangaroo (REAL kangaroo) hide with gorgeous red fur. It may be too small a section I need to keep the effect but it is simply lovely.

I have masses of photos: ponies, crochet, the family figures and the Next Big thing….

But they will have to wait until I reinstall the modem drivers for my poor Laptop….

Catch you soon!

Have missed you all!!!!!


~ by SB&C on January 2, 2008.

6 Responses to “How to Start a New Year”

  1. […] unknown: […]

  2. Great to see you back! We (my blogless mother, who is an avid lurker of your blog, and I) have been wondering where you were, hoping that everything was okay! So pleased that everything worked out. I’m looking forward to seeing your crochet photos! Happy new year.

  3. hi manda!
    happy new year!
    glad laptop is feeling better! i know how it feels to have a sick lap top. mine just got back from having its check up!
    can’t wait for the pictures and more from you!

  4. Hey Manda! Glad to hear the lap top is feeling better!! I actually finished the avatar afghan last week! I will send you pictures soon – I just got a new camera and still haven’t hooked it up yet. I didn’t do the puff stitches on the border, but used the bobble stitch instead. I am very happy with it! I also just found out a good friend of mine is pregnant so I am working on that Baby’s ABC blanket from Crochet pattern central!

    Can’t wait to see all your pics!

  5. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptYes – the nice lady at Canberra did upgrade me to Business Class but…. let’s quit it with the “100 Creative things to do to Amanda’s Bags” Ok? Harvey Norman. Yep.. I went in to buy Laptop 1 a Christmas present. Several in fact. … […]

  6. […] I should tell you we’ve had a bit of Karmic balancing. Harvey Norman, who I dedicated a small bit of bloggery  to commemorate not only their STUNNING customer service […]

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