Pictures = 1000 Words

Another day draws to a close, I’m sitting on my bed, watching The Brothers Grimm on Foxtel and am on Row 19 of:

 PK doily row 19

Yes, the second version of a Patricia Kristoffersen Doily.

 I really am in love with this Petra Cotton. It’s another lot DMC but in #5 and it’s just as lovely as the beige for Barbie!!

I have ideas of what to do with it next…..  *MUST CONCENTRATE ON WIPS FIRST*

It’s absolutely POURING outside… which is good in some ways   (the workers dont get prickly heat.. or dehydrated.. or not wear their PPE because its too hot) but I wish to all the small Gods I could send it home, where the world looks like this:

grasslands – threatening but not the gallons of rain we have up here at TB G.

And there is a reason why I like this photo…..

I am back from Christmas at TB C… I have some other photos to show you:

  out the window This is the last stage of the flight home to Canberra. The flight my Bluebag didnt make.

And this:  the parentals on Christmas Day!

parentals Mother_figure (R) and Father_figure (L) I think are sharing liqueur chocolates…

And Bob had problems handling the pace:

 bob She flaked.  She also reckons I came in at 0600 and asked her to go for a walk..

But I did get to go to An Honest to Goodness Yarn Store…

 stitch ‘n’ time mawson This is Anne serving me – I bought *some* yarn 🙂 Not as much as I could have… The owner Dale provides me with feedback  on my work but she is away having had knee surgery.

For those interested : the Store is Stitch ‘n’ Time in Mawson, ACT and is where I bought yarn… and the ribbons to be threaded through this little top!

 A quick and simple little top This top is done without seams. You start at the neckline and work outwards, there are pink, peach and mandarin ribbons to go through the eyelets. The ruched section is just popcorn stitch. And the top itself is made from a pink version of our friend: the 100% Merino Soft  in Peach, and a Merino/Silk blend from The Perfect Skein!  It’s very easy on the yarn – two 50gm balls of the pink 4 ply, and 2 skeins of the bright colours.. there’s a matching hat  on its way:)

So that it’s today – more photos, less words, but still, all my love to you (lurkers and commenters alike!)


~ by SB&C on January 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Pictures = 1000 Words”

  1. so how did it feel to be home? who plays?
    doily is looking good! no more angels? what about the gown? thinking about starting the avatar ghan soon. trying to finish up mias penguin cuddle first.
    also thinking of holding pictures and emails hostage until i hear from you! haha!
    tbc has drought – tbg has downpours – me in MA below 0 temps and snow! want some?
    think i figured out why the package too sooooooo long!
    take care of your self

  2. Love the doily and all of the photos. Absolutely love the yarn store! I am so not allowed into yarn stores as much any more. I totally lose my mind and just start buying randomly and I never have enough to finish a project so I have to go back, of course, which means more loss of senses and well… the whole process isn’t pretty. But fun. Oh, so much fun.

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