A hard rain is going to start falling

It’s Saturday and the rain has been falling for the past four days.

tropical cyclone helen

There is a cyclone between us and the rest of Australia and we’re copping rain. By the BUCKET load

outside it is raining

It’s knocked the Satellite comms about a bit, but on the plus side!

I finished the PK doily!!!

finished  It has been slightly modified – I didn’t include the picot round.

I just liked the effect of the shells – which I made triples rather than just DCs.

I also liked it at this stage:

detail row 24

So – The Check list for Canberra Royal just got a little shorter – courtesy o f spending the day hiding from the rain.

Will possibly be crocheting tomorrow rather than stopping accidents from happening….

Hugs to you all – somewhat damp but hugs!!!


~ by SB&C on January 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “A hard rain is going to start falling”

  1. Hi
    Glad to know you’re through the first cycle of the clone! And it is an ill wind that blows etc because the doiley looks terrific and I’m sure the gr-gma will be very pleased to see it gracing her dressing table eventually!

    Should I confess here that yarn store madness hit me too when I was dragged along – I cracked and bought four balls of glowing multi-shaded red wool that I have no idea what to do with…but it is gorgeous – and therefore, if nothing else, qualifies as a hyacinth!
    We’re heading home today from the beach (has been windy but sunny) back to drought-stricken toothbrush-C and two huffy mogs!
    keep dry

  2. PK Doily is fabulous and I do like the stage with the scalloped edges. Nor Cal had some amazing rain and thunder, many trees dropped limbs to the roads, electricity out and roads closed. We are in a sunny break today, more this evening. I love BIG weather. love this blog.

  3. Hey Manda! I hope you are staying dry and getting a lot of crocheting done! Your doily is beautiful! What are you working on now???

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