A break in the Rain!

Yep.. in terms of frustration, the last few days would have to go down as Exhibits A – C.

The cyclone came through. And blew. And rained down on us in buckets.

So much so that I needed a bucket when the horizontal rain came in through the Airconditioner.

a bucket

Btw this is my office.

my officeNote my Vertical Trend Analysis occuring on the wall. Each Post it Note is a separate incident. They are arranged in sections by workfront and by category – vehicle infringements, small injuries (thankfully, no big ones so far), dopey things people do in general.

The tragic story from the cyclone is the poor guy who lost his boat… and his cat and dog….. when it sank in the harbour. Even the toughest of my boys were a bit quiet about that.

It’s something you have to understand about the guys here.. many of them don’t have a family. They’ve been divorced a couple of times, they dont look you in the eye and if you smile at them in the mess hall, they look away very quickly. Alcohol is an issue. Here in Gove, or Nhulunbuy to give it’s native name, they are as far from the world as they really can get.

The lack of blog entries (and email!! Sorry Kris!!!) comes (or not, as the case maybe) courtesy of our friend the now ex-Tropical Cyclone Helen, now a depression in the Gulf of Carpentaria and Telstra’s NextG modem that just doesn’t half the time.

I’m beginning to feel it’s a conspiracy – trying to use anything Telstra related up here : Bombom – just not going to happen.

I’m back to the “I’ll only be 5 minutes” blogging technique that involves writing the entry in Word (Word!) and uploading it as quick as I can in a slamming shut window of coverage.



The photo opportunities have been a bit limited but I think I’ve caught up a bit..The Crochet front has seen the completion of a pot-pourri pouch from Patricia Kristoffersen (I’ll show you that when I have potpourri!), the back panel of a Jacket from Interweave Crochet -you can see the pattern to the right of the jacket. Being put together in Zhivago (a tencel yarn) in Rose pink and a stitch that is Half DC alternating with Slip stitch.

interweave jacket This makes a really spongy fabric and is fantastic as a baby afghan stitch.

And a few more rows on Avatar Afghan II.

Avatar II seen here posing with our Laptop friend. He’s feeling better now 🙂 I do like the way this white mohair is shaping up as Avatar Afghan II. For the border I’ve got plans that involve 3 balls of lilac Romance (mohair from Lincraft) and the spike stitches I learnt in the Doily.

Last Crochet photo is the Barbie Outfit – It’s hard to tell what it looks like exactly at this present

barbie’s outfit It needs the hood and cape section (and half a sleeve but hey!) then I have some sewing to do with the tulle, velvet ribbon and fur.


I can’t promise you a Sunrise soon – the cloud cover is just too dense still.


The job itself is ticking along – despite the rain. DHA has managed to lose all the paperwork to do with my removal from my flat in TB 1 – good ol’ Darwin so that should make for some interesting opportunities for being polite at people tomorrow.

The drama came today when the refinery stacks blew exhaust all over us. And of course there are some less then desirable substances in the exhaust. And I ended up having to threaten to shut down the job…

Speaking of the job – this is something fun.

rebar cage

Put a 4 tonne steel rebar cage into an excavation.


Then discover the excavation and the cage are of two different sizes.



Lesson learnt :Always check your guage….


Generally, things aren’t too bad…. There’s an interesting situation brewing up because someone is sleeping with another someone, that particular another someone has someone else, and the first someone also has two other “elses” which the another someone doesnt know about. Those of us in the know are waiting for the inevitable meltdown and are taking bets (the loser is springing for the popcorn) as we watch the mess unfold!



Anyway – that will do for tonight – I’m going to try and finish Barbie’s jacket. Then decorate it tomorrow!

I have missed you all! I’m so glad Elaine has finished her Avatar Afghan – hopefully there’s a photo coming soon??

Hugs to you all!!!!


~ by SB&C on January 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “A break in the Rain!”

  1. well manda i guess some excuse is better than no excuse! i am happy though that you survived this past cyclone and hopefully there is not another one in the near future!

    as always the crochet is gorgous! if i can ever get mias cuddle done – i am off to try the avatar myself!

    everyone here is ok for the most part.
    time to get the girls ready for school –
    talk soon

  2. I’m glad the weather didn’t do too much damage. What an interesting melange of lives at this place; a bit like a Somerset Maughm collection. The crochet is stunning, I LOVE the Barbie outfit…can’t wait to see it with fur, isn’t it going to have some fur soon?

  3. Manda! I am so glad you are back and made it through the storm ok! I will send you pictures today of my Avatar Afghan (there are also pics on my blog catsnyarn.blog.com)- I have gotten so many compliments on it! Your new one is coming a long quite nicely! I really like the mohair and can’t wait to see what you are going to do with the border!

    Can you post a bigger picture of the jacket in Zhivago? I want to see more details – it looks amazing though!

    I got a question for ya – what are you going to eventually do with the barbie clothes? I would love to try some of that eventually, but I dont have any kids, or nieces or anyone with a girl to give them to. Just curious!

    One more question 🙂 Do you have a ravelry account? I am on the waiting list still.

    Take care! I hope your week has been great!

  4. Two days without Rain!

    Firstly : The Barbie outfit. I enjoy making these, dont know why but I just do. And to answer Barbara’s question : I have no idea.
    I just make them. If someone who is an AVID Barbie fan wants them.. hey sing out!

    Secondly: The Interweave Jacket. Its in the Fall 2006 magazine. I will take some more photos shortly!!

    I’m so glad we’re all back!

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