Be vewwy Kwi-et… I’m a-hunting…

It’s the last half hour, before the kill.

There’s a hush.

I can see my prey. Laid out in all it’s glory.

I know there are other predators, I’ve smelt them.. seen their tracks.

I am older, more experienced (and have far more feedback – I mean honestly – there are three bidders with 0, you don’t try to take down something like this in your first hunt) and I know what sort of killer stroke is required at the last minute to take it down.

Yes, friends, lurkers and crocheters… There’s a scent of blood in the water and we’re circling.

Part of my grand plan is to spin (no, not round and round in circles  like I was with Arcadia’s hatchling #1) my own yarn.

When I say my “own yarn”, I also mean… having my own sheep and alpacas.

Which means I also want.. my own farm….

Which means: hopefully, shortly, I’ll have my very own mortgage!

Anyway – back to what I’m stalking on eBay.

a spinning wheel

Can’t talk – auction closing!!!


~ by SB&C on January 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Be vewwy Kwi-et… I’m a-hunting…”

  1. speaking of own farm…… anything new there?
    i am glad that your bid looks more that a bunch of wood to you! i seem to remeber seeing one of those contraptions in my childhood just not sure where – always thought it was a fun toy! lol
    have a good day – its raining here! more snow supposed to come in next week!


  2. btw
    i am on row two of the avatar!

  3. hmm…what would the name of your acreage be? Did you get the wheel in your crosshairs? Success? I can so see a picture of you with the sheeps and alpaca…dreamy.

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