Two Crochet Ladies of the Night

Firstly, I would like to thank you for  your kind thoughts regarding the passing of our family friend, her family have all gathered together and M_F will be visiting with them on Monday.

Secondly, I should tell you we’ve had a bit of Karmic balancing. Harvey Norman, who I dedicated a small bit of bloggery  to commemorate not only their STUNNING customer service but also the AMAZING reliability of their products have come to the party.     Following on from Laptop 1’s meltdown over Christmas,  I have been composing a letter to the Department of Fair Trading because I felt that HN should pick up some of the bill for the repairs after their dead chip fried my poor laptop.    They have been quite adamant that they weren’t responsible but I was called yesterday and asked whether I “was proceeding with the other matter”. Yes, Yes I am….. Silence from the HN representative then…  I  received another call and they have offered to pay for half. I can live with that.

They feel that a happy customer is more important than the letter of the law.

So, Thank you, Harvey Norman.

Thirdly, My  job has had it’s ups and downs.     Some of the more interesting Downs : Trying to convince people that they are not going to die of Legionnaires Disease. Legionnella bacteria are found in almost every cooling tower, airconditioning unit etc to some extent throughout the world.  Just because the bacteria are present does not mean you are going to start hacking up a lung. (Or developing a sudden predilection for wearing a Kepi, speaking in an Outrageous French accent  and forgetting who you are)  It was a losing battle.

I am one of Them (being Management) and therefore the Us-es are against the Thems, and the Thems won’t ever tell the USes the truth, as one of the core tenements of being a Them is that we lie to the Us-es, ergo We’re all going to die.

(Or join the Klatchian Foreign Legion)

Other Downs: It rained. A lot. Freshly poured concrete was washed away. Red dirt turned to clay. The Ute got a flat on the way home. It’s the building up of the little things that tip the see-saw towards “Let me out of here and pass the Absolut!”

However, what turns the Absolut into a celebratory libation to the Small Gods (better than sausages!) is the Ups.

An Up: Another contractor’s ute rolled off a high point and came to rest a fair distance from where it started. This was primarily due to the lack of fundamental stability (when you park a vehicle so that gravity will hold it where you left it)  and more importantly: that the handbrake didn’t work.   In a really schpooky moment of clairvoyance, one of the boys told me 4 hours before The Great Runaway Ute Caper, that our crew bus  needed maintenance. So I could report that we rectified our problem before anyone else had a problem. Which was a major Up.

Another Up: I realised in a horrible moment of fluster about 20 minutes before the  Weekly progress meeting that I had not compiled the Weekly Incident Statistics. After a detailed searching of my Diary, to the accompaniment of rapidly Fraggling hair, it hit me. I don’t have any.


As a Safety Officer, this is a Very Big Thing.  And for the company in the course of this project, it’s a first.

(I’m ignoring the little voice that is pointing out it’s entirely possible that they just aren’t reporting  things… and I haven’t noticed….)

Also, the boys came to me today with a Problem. It’s not so much a “Safety” Problem, but they have an issue with someone who has a tendency to be abusive and they wanted me to write a policy to say that he couldnt threaten them. Ok…. Amanda will protect you from the nasties. But it counted as an  Up.

What I have to show you tonight, therefore, is the product of the Downs and a good part of the Ups,  Our Two Ladies!

Barbie has reached a level of completion, including accessories, that makes her worth showing to you all:

Barbie needs a petticoat

She still needs the petticoat to make the skirt stand out properly, and some blocking to make the jacket sit right, but the overall effect is quite nice. And I only sewed the snaps on the skirt on the wrong way twice….

The sharp-eyed among you may notice the afghan laying at her feet. It looks like this:

miniature Avatar AfghanIt’s a miniature Avatar Afghan. Using a 3mm hook and some of the Alpaca from Yarn Treehouse (My first time using that yarn, lovely hand feel!) I whipped it up very quickly. Barbie now has her travel bag, an afghan and if I can find a little hat box and steamer trunk…

To amuse myself last night and because I’m using up the materials I have with me… I opened the box of 10 reels of 26guage Gold Wire I bought on eBay before Christmas.  Crocheting with wire is one of those things I keep meaning to do more of – just a lack of time (not to mention the LONG list of things I’d like to try) but I figured Barbie was done, time to get onto the next thing due for Canberra Royal.

A Crochet Angel… in wire.

Take up wire… what’s the first problem to overcome?

What size hook. I tried with a 1.5mm. No good. The 2mm hook and I just couldn’t formulate a strategy to run with the wire. So I turned to my friend, the 3mm hook, resting after the MAA .

crocheting with Gold WireIt was a bit of a struggle. This is a thicker wire than the kind I used to make the jewellery set with, but I needed the density to help the Angel hold herself up. I didn’t have a pattern so I really had to work with what felt “right”. Something I did find out with this guage wire and crochet is you have to KEEP going, if you stop, it’s hard to keep the tension and thus the size and shape of each stitch.

The miraculous thing was how quickly she made up. 2 hours ! (!!) (!!!!!!)      The head was a problem as I didn’t want a heavy “ball” of wire perched on top that might cause stability issues. At present, I’ve opted for a very simple set of “loops” and the wings were relatively easy except for my usual problem of trying to get them to match!

So –  after a bit of work with the pliers joining everything together, We find ourselves with:

Our Second Lady for the Night

Wire Crochet She is  really quite lovely, if I do say so myself!

Now I was intending to put her into the “Mixed Craft” class, but right now, there’s not much Mixed about her.  So she has a date at Sydney Royal for the “Own Design” Class.

To satisfy the Mixedness, I have a couple of ideas in mind for Version II of  The Crochet Wire Angel. Arcadia and I were reliving our Year 10 Art Classes as I was trying to describe what I had in mind.  And there’s no way that  was 20 years ago J.

At present the idea of having a  fair sized Swarovski Bead set to go in each Space of her Skirt and Wings, plus a smaller bead on every stitch, strikes me as being really lovely. And maybe a moderately large round one suspended in the loops for her head.

The other option : I would like to have some sort of glaze that makes a Stained Glass effect. As she is Wire, a tealight candle shining through the stained glass would also be quite something.

Bead or glass shopping when I get back to TB1 on Sunday night. This will be the last time I go home to TB1, Moving Day is next Thursday!

So big hugs to you all, Hope you like The Ladies!


~ by SB&C on January 17, 2008.

7 Responses to “Two Crochet Ladies of the Night”

  1. WOW amanda quite impressive! i love the stained glass angel idea! barbie looks great too!
    hang in there things are bound to get better. but congrats on the first week free incidents! thats quite an accomplishment! i hope the company is pleased too!
    talk soon

  2. Holy crap! I cant even imagine trying to crochet with wire!! Very impressive! Both ladies look wonderful and I love the mini avatar afghan!

    Congrats on your win with laptop 1 and a week w/o incidents!

    You rock!!!

  3. I love the Ladies! Barbie looks very swanky and ready for her long voyage somewhere in utmost class. Mini-Avatar, hee! And I am so impressed at sitting down and crocheting an angel; that’s wonderful, and she’s so pretty and lacey.
    Congrats on no incidents….I doubt the incidentees are reporting or not reporting any differently just because you’re there, so take the good news when you can get it!

  4. Wow…I join the others in congrats on the stunning Ladies o the Night. Barbie looks ready for a coach and fours, with her rug tucked about her for warmth. Brilliant work on the angel, stained glass and crystals sound enchanting.
    Bravo on the ‘no incident week’. Once again, you are creating safety-consciousness – whether they want it or not!

  5. Hey Manda, this is Steffi, the Aussie in Finland…tried to reply to your email but couldn’t seem to get the address to work, so here’s my reply here!

    It was really nice to hear from a fellow Aussie, and thanks for your kind words. If you ever need any translations of Finnish-language captions for fugly crocheted creations, I’m your gal!


  6. hi beautaiful job on your angel, and wire crochet! ive been doing it for 13 years and still at it. if you want to see different styles, don’t think you will need much help, you already figured out the one about don’t stop in the middle of a row. that is number one!

  7. […] Two Crochet Ladies of the Night […]

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