Changes upon Changes, we are more or less the same.

5 Days to Moving Day, and it’s time to pause and reflect.

Firstly, That means in 5 days, no more Darwin, no more TB1. Home will now be TB G and TB C.

Secondly, at midnight, on Wednesday, I cease being an Officer in the Royal Australian Navy.

Thirdly: I have to pack up the house.

And that also means :

The Stash really is going into STORAGE. For an undetermined period of time.

In less than a week.

*musn’t panic*musn’t PANIC*MUSN’T PANIC*

Despite the fact I now have THREE Stashes and I would suspect now I really have moved to the top of the Australian Woolpig Ladder; this causes me some issues. I won’t be able to gloat over it….

Check this: There is the Master Stash back in TB 1 – Darwin. It’s just too huge to work out how big it is exactly and I was slightly freaked when the DHA removals people wanted a valuation to go on the Paperwork.

Well… Lessee, there’s some a fair bit TONS of irreplaceable mohair, that cost pounds and pounds (eBay, helping mohair spread).

There’s the bulk wool that I have for “Hey I’ve got a good idea!!”. There’s the bags and bags of baby yarns, my grandmothers left to me.

There’s the yarn I buy on eBay because… it’s yarn, ok – I don’t NEED a reason!!!!

I am almost afraid to calculate what sort of $ it represents.

Stash 2 is here with me at TB G and the Call of the Wool is being heard all over the world as yarn arrives in the post…

There are no less than 182 balls of yarn in my closet. This is a worry.

There are also 16 balls of thread (ranging from #5 to # 60) and not quite so much wire, since I got carried away and made our most recent angel.

My Cambodian friends (and not just because it was one of them who lent me the pliers!) really approve. They’ve suggested I could crochet fish and use beads for the more tropical colours. Ooooooooh……… And the stitches would look like scales… Ooooooooooh……

Stash 3, at home with M_F and F_F (who has made the odd grumbling noise about “there’s more packages waiting for you”) is now firmly established and I no longer have any idea how big it is. Big.. BIG.

Throwing the earth off it’s orbit big ? Not yet….

Bob (who has been silent OvO – that’s an accusing stare, Sibling) has been duly designated as Official Spinning Wheel Collector. M_F and Bob have expressed interests in the more Woolly side of The Grand Plan.

I think F_F, being the Master Barbecquer that he is (Really, you should taste his Roast Tom Cruise. Yummy!) will also enjoy some of the by-products of having sheepses.

Note to Self : Do NOT make friends with the Woollies who will be joining us for Lunch.

M_F is drawing up some garden plans and I have promised her Chookens, for eggses, Precious, eggses!

They may have to wait until I finish with what I am hoping for next. That’s on the Safety Front and stopping

(Hey M_F – What’s that over there???)

roche rollover

Things like this happening!

(I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I don’t work for Roche. Probably never will be asked to either!)

And… remember how I was so happy about an incident-free week?Those Small Gods heard me again.

an Elevated Work Platform

They weren’t so lucky in Western Australia. A large respected West-Australian mine site had a fatality involving an elevated work platform on 11 Jan. A lot of downcast faces this morning when I announced it.

No, we didn’t know him, but there is still a camaraderie amongst miners, so it’s pretty real to all of them.

It’s Saturday afternoon, I’m ready to go home. But that’s really tomorrow night’s journey.

Tonight, I am creating a world…


~ by SB&C on January 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “Changes upon Changes, we are more or less the same.”

  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThey weren’t so lucky in Western Australia. A large respected West-Australian mine site had a fatality involving an elevated work platform on 11 Jan. A lot of downcast faces this morning when I announced it. No, we didn’t know him, … […]

  2. I’m glad it’s not just me with the stash. I’m also glad I’m not contemplating moving any time soon.
    Chookens and Woolies and Stash place and Wheel place! What a wonderful vision. I look forward to seeing it come to pass.
    “Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes….”

  3. I can confirm that the stash at TB C is getting BIG. The SMB finds it very comfy to curl up on and treadle, so I have to keep hunting her out of the stash room. But if I get to have a very large garden to plan and play in (plus the otherwise forbidden chooks) it’s fair compensation!

    Wednesday will be the the RAN’s loss!

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