This post is brought to you by the letter “A”


A stands for:

Amanda. Who has had a very bad day.

Alcohol (as in : currently under the influence of)

Absolut (None left : see previous entry)

Ok… as a mark of how lousy my day has been I would ask you to consider this:

I’m currently wearing 5 Bandaids.

I’m still a member of the Royal Australian Navy.

I’ve unfortunately revisited being someone who battles with Depression. Yep.. It’s an interesting thing, having depression. You know it’s ludicrous but *THERE’s*NOTHING*YOU* CAN*DO*.

you are literally fighting _yourself_. And… well.. Red Fraggle on the warpath… is a scary thing.

 red fraggle

I have tried very hard all day (which has been lousy and has a high bandaid count) to espouse one of the tenets of The Secret : and to be grateful for EVERYTHING.

To be grateful that I got to meet so many new people today.

To be grateful that the Doctor doing my final medical decided that he didnt need to do a Pap smear. (VERY grateful actually)

To be grateful that I no longer am in danger of contracting Typhoid, Rubella, Measles, Mumps, Tetanus and that I have the chance to know whether I have been exposed to TB.

To be grateful I had the chance to show off my legendary wit when doing the Alcohol questionaire (“How much alcohol do you consume per day?” “How often have you found that you are unable to stop drinking?”). Having answered in the lower end of the scale  – seriously I don’t  drink in camp.. it cuts into the crocheting! and when faced with the question “would you find it hard to stop drinking for the next three months?” I was torn. I seriously wanted to say yes. I mean honestly. The only way for me to partake of less alcohol would be to start manufacturing it and giving it away to people.

That said… in the interests of cleaning out my fridge…. I’ve been drinking some moderately stiff Absoluts and Guava Juices.


Anyway. I’m back in Darwin – TB1 for… well… I don’t know how much longer.

This is TB G’s airport – and the little plane…

 gove airport

And this is me demonstrating insommanical tendencies and taking photos BEFORE sunrise!

sunrise 22 jan

One of the people I met today wanted to cause me grief and make stay in the Navy longer to sort out whether or not I was suffering from depression. Not taking into account that the whole uncertainity thing was significantly contributing to my stress levels and therefore triggering ….

The reason for the previously mentioned five bandaids is partially this:

getting vaccinated! 

And I’ve just noticed something supremely odd – I have 3GB of space…….. I only used to have 50MB of photo space….

Yes – the Navy won’t let me leave until I’m up-to-date on my vaccinations.

I had three + a Mantoux test in very quick succession…

vaccinesThis is the BEFORE shot!

And the new slip on shoes I bought on Monday  ATE my feet prompting the need for bilateral bandaids.

Yep. this was not a Good Day.

I should also note that we have a new lurker……. and I’m saying hi to Mitch!


~ by SB&C on January 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “This post is brought to you by the letter “A””

  1. oh there is so much i could say…..but i won’t!


  2. I’m sorry you had such a crappy day! I am happy that the 5 bandaids are not for anything too terrible. To think about what you are grateful for (and those you listed are good ones!!) and to try not to dwell on whats bothering you is a good idea! There are always people in the world that are worse off, almost no matter what situation you are in. I try to think about that when I am having a crappy day.

    *Hugs! and I hope tomorrow is a better day!!

  3. WordPress gave us all tons of storage for free, hence the 3GB! Yay! We can see more of your wonderful pictures! And I’m glad you’re not missing any major body parts, despite the bandaids. Who did you get to take the vaccination picture, and what in the world did they think?
    Hang in there; this too shall pass (maybe not soon enough to suit anyone, but it will). Take care.

  4. Such a confluence in the time stream and then you shoot out the other end. The ‘almost-top-of-the-hill’ doggedly maintains its own, no matter how much I know about the thoughtful choices made and vision that is drawing me over. Sorry for the big “D”, I hate the inner-fight, I send prayers they release soon. Before Sunrise pix is quietly stunning

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