Exit, pursued by….

And with a flick of a pen, it was done.

I left the Navy.

Sonntag and Me

I skipped the Traditional final-final interview with the CO. I don’t think they’ll kick up too much fuss, not for an old crook like me. 17 years since I joined.. no one saw me slide out the door.

I said Goodbye to a few people. A once skinny and frightened baby seaman who is now a stout Senior Sailor. We reminisced about past postings. How we’d been in Hawaii for an exercise with the US Navy and he came down with Chicken pox.

To the other Senior Sailor, I once made a blanket for his visually impaired daughter. It was pink and purple and fluffy – the same yarn I used to make a blanket for M_F’s mog Pfennig. She has been promised pony-patting rights (The little girl, not Pfen).

And to a sailor who has every right to hate me.. and who was the one who had the news that was most chilling. This was the sailor I served with a notice for Poor performance when I was second in command of a Patrol boat in 2006.

He told me someone was back in Darwin. Someone who smells of vanilla.

 And so that was when I slipped away, just a few little ripples to show I had surfaced and was gone…

The removalists are here tomorrow, Friday is cleaning day and then back to TB G on Saturday.

Sunset tonight looked like this:

sunset jan 23 and it’s raining now. Which reminded me of this song.

Packing time….. there’s yarn that has to be wrestled….



~ by SB&C on January 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Exit, pursued by….”

  1. I LOVE that picture at the top! I am going to miss your pictures from TB1. It is a little odd that its the sunset from Jan 23rd – but its not even 9am on the same day here! Good luck packing and sorting through your yarn!!

  2. It is true isn’t is ‘the flick of a pen’. Bravo on 17 years and bravo on determining it is time for the next chapter. Many people can’t make those changes. hmm…for the next 17, please tell that the yarn will unite in a fine room on the farm? You will group it all together yes? It will travel from all parts of Australia and join together, yes?

  3. p.s. top notch photo of you and the horse, you look supremely happy and so does the horse.

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