Now I’m laying out my winter clothes and wishing I was gone…

It occurred to me today that as Plan Woolly involves being way down south where it’s cold.. I mean COLD  like snow, penguins and ICE!  I had to pull out of the packing boxes clothes which a) arent Safety Orange or B) more designed for a climate where the minimum temperature involves a negative symbol.

So… This is where the day started….

sunrise 24 Kan 

And this what it looks like at present.

my front hall… 

I am packing.

In fact, I’m packing yarn.

In further point of fact, I have packed over 2000 balls,skeins and logs of yarn.

This is how I am organising myself:

yarn in label

A list of what yarn is in each box. This does not mean that Yarnharlot or any other Woolpig can come and burglarise my boxes with greater ease. This ….. is My Stash. In it’s most packed and categorised form.

Yes – I’ve packed the yarn with its component groups.. in Jiffy bags.. and lavender to keep the Moffers away! I am hoping  it survives the experience…  The list – I should point out has descriptor-type identification. The “Ice Blue Shawl” means it’s an ice blue mohair that I have in mind to make a shawl from. the “British” means I bought in on eBay from the UK.

Can someone remind me of all this when I open the boxes?

Today has been reasonable.. I’m almost over the seesaw I was riding for the last few days. I will be happier though once this is packed up.

The house is folding into boxes, I’ve thrown out an enormous lot of Garbage, and sent two bags of clothes to the Salvation Army. 

 Though – I’m over the packing thing…. so far : 57 boxes.

A surprising amount of foreign currency : Korea, US, Indonesian, Singaporean.

And the sheer lack of value. the 1000 Rp note looks promising until you google and discover it’s a whole $1.24 on today’s exchange rate.

The Freezer is defrosting… and occaisionally scaring the bejeepers out of me when bits of frost fall off.

I have thrown out 16 bags of sheer GARBAGE. Including some items of dubious character that a couple of gentlemen once upon a time, thought I needed. Don’t know why they thought I needed them… nuff said 😛 not too much you can say on a blog your mother reads 🙂

I have a box of paper to go in the recycling box.

The food has been consumed… what little food there was…

Not much crocheting has happened but I do have a shameful thing to show you:

 Amanda’s knitting I found some knitting needles….

and… I remembered how to knit…. *agh*

Yes – I put some yarn to a use other than Crocheting… I dont think my garter stitch is too terrible 🙂

That’s all I need… another yarn based hobby…

Tomorrow is really the last day of TB1, don’t know when I’ll be back again..


~ by SB&C on January 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Now I’m laying out my winter clothes and wishing I was gone…”

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  3. oh manda! what to say today? hmmmmm….vanilla? did you behave yourself?
    yarn may be put away for now – but will hopefully find its forever home real soon! you start knitting and you will never have time for us! ha!

    down south? snow? penguins? mia would be in her glory with the penguins!
    talk soon!
    hi m_f! everything ok?

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