Moving Day Update #1

A Did you know?

                       Logs of Red Heart Yarn fit Beautifully between wine bottles.

The Removalists were so inspired by the use of yarn to cushion breakables that they asked “if it was ok to pack the yarn around more things?” I thought – yes.. if they use the acrylic, it should be fine. Despite my rants about acrylic, I do have *some*. I also have flutter yarn but that’s something we don’t talk about.

I’m hearing wrapping… and packing from the Kitchen… I hear “Hey!! this stuff is really soft” ….pause… “and fluffy”.


Heart beats….. my little feet fly across the apartment…

Ummmmm…. Guys… Lets not use *that* yarn… I know its in those long loops… but….. Not that yarn… Ok???

Check me here, any other Stashers, does it do bad things to your nerves too, if you hear $25 per 100gm skeins of mohair being wrapped around wine glasses???


~ by SB&C on January 25, 2008.

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