A Good Deed… I hope!

Canberra Royal Show is now three weeks away. The stash is all packed up so I have fewer options than usual if I change my mind and  I have started at least everything thats not finished.

I wish some things were a little closer to being finished than they are – especially the Jacket and the Blouse.

Barbie’s petticoat is finished – with a picot edging and a strip of cotton lacework down the back seam, her jacket is blocking and her hair done in a large tucked under plait and I’ve added a couple of ringlets. If I have time – I’d like to do some pantaloons as well just to complete the outfit.    The second version of the Wire Angel was supposed to be started tonight but I decided to try and help someone instead.

I found a plea for help on the Want It Now section of eBay.  I often check there to see if there’s someone looking for a ball of yarn to make up the numbers when they’ve hit that terrible realisation that they just DON’T HAVE ENOUGH.  And a little while ago I found a post – someone needing help.   Alyssa is getting married on Valentine’s Day and is looking for a shawl to match her own, to be worn by a 5 year old.

This is the shawl:

The shawl for alyssa
Alyss’s shawl is a little thicker than #10 – I havent seen it but after Alyssa’s trip to Spotlight on the weekend and a sharp learning cure for her regarding Thread terminology, I’m using a white/ivory #5 to make the mini-version. There is beading on the 3×5 chain loops on the original’s border but I am concerned that it could make the shawl very heavy and slippery – difficult for a 5yo to manage. But anyway – I’m on the eighth row, and it’s making up fairly quickly. The great thing about triangular shawls is that they get faster and faster as you go.

I am doing the mental maths already of : 78 squares. It decreases at a rate 2 squares every row. Thats… not so many rows….

Oh yeah.. and there’s a border.

It’s actually quite inspiring to be doing a thread shawl as I have a shawl… well… I have this long slippery rope of threaded glass beads and pearls and the plan to copy an old pineapple shawl. I started this about a year ago… it only involves 25,000… (yes… Twenty Five THOUSAND beads) I did bring it with me….

Once Canberra Royal is over, I have a little jacket to make up for Sydney Royal (And MICHELLE!!! Are you out there???) .  So I will have plenty of time to make up blankets for friends’ babies… Oh.. and there’s Darwin Show in July 🙂

Anyway – I am hoping that this shawl for Alyssa will count as a good deed and me paying the Universe back a little.

In other news, another of my former baby sailors, from years ago, and a firm friend for the past couple of years and his wife are due to have a baby in the very near future! I’m waiting with baited breath to hear of the small Ormaechea’s arrival.

I am sorry that the tone of my posts has changed in recent weeks. I do miss TB 3… and the gorgeousness of waking up every morning at Jabiru. I was thinking of Treebeard’s speech regarding Saruman “Once he used to walk in these woods, now he has a mind of metal.” I miss being amongst the earth and rocks of TB2 and TB3. I miss the birds and the toads. There’s no wildlife here in the middle of this metal refinery and I feel like something is missing…

Hugs to you all……


~ by SB&C on January 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “A Good Deed… I hope!”

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  2. hey a late night comment from manda! yeah!!!!
    hopefully very soon you will have more wildlife than you can handle! and then you will get your fill.
    about 3/4 done with the avatar – i am in the homestrech now!
    hugs back at you!

  3. Manda – you have no need to apologize for your attitude!!! This is YOUR blog.. you can say whatever you want 🙂 I know at least most of us realize that you have been very stressed lately – and this is your blog, where you can talk about it if you want!

    I want to see Barbie’s jacket (and hairdo!) That’s really nice of you to help on the shawl – I didn’t even know Ebay had that type of section! I’ll have to check it out!

    Good luck with the upcoming shows! I cant wait to see more pictures!!


  4. You are an Eskimo/Angel person…the bride must be so grateful. I agree with Elaine, no need for a stiff upper lip here, it is your blog. You are all of you, not just one part. Mind of metal – I don’t think so. hmm…dumb question here – is the lesser wildlife in TBG because there is less fresh water? less trees? less rain (alhtough you did just have a huge storm) ? why? Will the ranch be near TBG…or closer to M_F and F_F.

  5. good night manda! (or maybe i should be saying good morning to you)! either way –
    thinking about you

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