Where do you go in one day?

I don’t like the way my days are at present. I hate it when I feel like I’m being tossed and turned by events rather than shaping them.

Today has gone down… then further down.. then semi up.. then down.. then up.. then up… then down… then up… then ….

It would be far funnier if it happened to someone else!!!

Ok.. to start with – my normal ride to work Driver has gone off rotation for a week. The Production Supervisor promptly forgot to collect me this morning. Never a Good Start.

Then we have issues at work.

I went to breath test the workers. This was not well received for six different reasons. Firstly, because I breath tested them yesterday and someone got fired for blowing over. Secondly, because I arrived with a coin to toss to determine whether they got tested and they “preferred to just blow”. Thirdly, it wasnt random enough despite aforementioned “just blow”. Fourthly, why was I testing for the second day in a row. Fifthly, why arent “they” being tested over there. Sixthly, and most mind bogglingly “it’s not start time for another 3 minutes so I’m not being paid so therefore I don’t have to be tested”.

ING (Thats my Terry Pratchett joke for the Day – see WNTC) HELL.

I wish I could get the pride that my TB 2 and TB 3 workers had – pride in always being 0.00 here.. these men just grumble.

Then I picked up someone else for not wearing a seatbelt. Even better – he’d been given a caution not ten minutes ago by the POLICE for not wearing a seatbelt. And when I suggested that this was a sackable offence.. and not wearing seatbelts is something I find personally incomprehensible, I was told I was over-reacting. That kept happening for a while.

The first blip up was I spoke with a lovely lovely lady who is hopefully part of the next Thing. This is part of Plan Woolly. Or at least – How I plan to Pay for Plan Woolly . Wait til you hear this one!!!!

The worst thing that can happen on a project managed to happen. We have had an injury. And it happened to a nice guy. He is a welder and he was grinding. In 38 degree heat. And he stopped to wipe his forehead with the sleeve of his shirt. And got metal particles in his eyes. And managed to drive one particle *into* his eye. This is a nice man, to add to the Greeks – he’s Italian, his spoken English is fine, but he doesnt read or write so well. But he is a Nice guy. And we have the same birthdate – just 21 years older than me.


Then.. because I was beginning to doubt myself… I had been grumbled at and sworn at.. and the continuing level of general grump has been getting me down over the past few weeks, I called someone who was my boss at TB 3. And that counts as a massive Up. He has another project coming up…..

Do we want to go back to TB 3??? Back to our lovely mountain and the view? and the birds? Hmmmmmm………

To make matters more complicated – I spoke with another set of people. Who offered me another job… citing the things that I enjoy.. that I like doing as my strengths.

Deep breath… and time to think…

Oh.. and a phone call to M_F to say I don’t understand anything anymore….

And another phone call….. to a real estate agent. And this is where ALL my Yarny and horsy type readers are asked to send ALL their positive vibes.

Plan Woolly….. grasslands Its a block of land… half an hour from the Parental Figures.

And if you know of the BBC Show “Keeping Up Appearances” – Hyacinth Bucket’s (Bookay!) catchphrase “room for a pony”. Oh yes… it has room for a pony!!!

And sheepses. And Alpacas. Which given the Mac of my surname…. may need to be referred to as Macapacas.

So.. the actual wheels are turning.. and we’re thinking.

Then ….. in an almost funny repeat of this morning…. they forgot me again. Forgot to take me home.

Which is not quite so bad.

You see….. I’m on sub-contractor rates now… and waiting for an hour for someone to come back and get me, costs them money.

Plan Woolly moves ahead!!!

So, on the whole – I think we’ll chalk that one in the Up column.

A big UP, and you know how much I like boxes – was the arrival of THIS!

The box that arrived today  First of All – you’ll notice that the Town is Nhulunbuy, the Aboriginal name and secondly I’ll bet you cant guess what’s in it?

Yarn!  I hear you crow triumphantly?


Its full of Dogs!

Guide Dog Money Box

I miss having a dog of my own. It’s not practicable. Kris has a most wonderful friend in the guise of my favorite sort of dog – a Golden Retriever and I do hope, one day, to have another of my own.

So … I sponsor Guide Dog puppies. The Guide Dog Association of South Australia and the Northern Territory  lovely people sent me this box today  with all sorts of goodies, including the money boxes (one is going to the Front Office in Camp here), calendars, this :

Guide Dog toy.

And – of course – a picture of “my” puppy Gracie.

Gracie the Guide Dog Puppy

Gracie is 11 weeks old and has just gone out to her puppywalking family in South Australia. The Guide Dog Association has very  kindly agreed to let me post Gracie’s progress as she learns to be a guide dog.

So.. thats a big Up.

For another piece of Upness… I though I should post a photo (not current however, Alyssa – it’s made more progress!)  of the Wedding Shawl (which reminds me.. I didn’t quite understand the expression “Eskimo Angel”!)so here it is:

The shawl continues for Alyssa So – Alyssa – it IS happening 🙂

And that is me done for the day. I am thinking grateful thoughts. I am grateful that we have found weaknesses in our systems and can rectify them. I am grateful that one of our chief whingers resigned today. I am grateful that I got to speak with someone so positive as the lady from the Next Thing. I am grateful that there are other people who recognise that I can do a good job and would like me to work  for them. I am grateful to have the opportunity to sponsor Gracie so that she can be educated to be a fully-fledged Guide Dog. I am grateful for all of you who stop by to share my day, to leave a note and who say hi.

I am grateful for the wonderful day.

Hugs to you all….


~ by SB&C on January 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Where do you go in one day?”

  1. Hi Amanda,

    I’ve been lurking on your blog for quite a while now – came over from a link on crochetville, I think. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your entries. Especially today – my family raised 4 guide dog puppies when I was young, so I have a soft spot in my heart for those organizations. One day, when my kids are a bit older, I’d love to do the same thing.

    Good luck with you Next Thing! We raised goats growing up – did you know mohair comes from angora goats? Something to consider…

    Mary (magdiego on crochetville and ravelry)

  2. oh manda manda manda?! what to do?
    love the puppy! what an awesome thing for you to do! a definate UP! soon you can have your puppy – or two –
    need to wake the babe so we can get big sis from school – more later!
    keep your chin up

  3. Manda! Your ups are great despite the downs. People will be (stubborn) people, but fuzziness is always GREAT! I think it is so awesome that you sponsor a guide dog puppy! And such a cute one at that! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for Plan Woolly! I am so excited for you! Hey, maybe you should carry around a bit of softie yarn in your pocket at work and when people start acting like idiots, you can just feel the yarn in your fingers and think about Plan Wolly!


  4. Hi
    As Alexander’s (as in the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day) mother said – some days are just like that. Even in Australia!

    And some people just have a few more lives to live and lessons to learn. And unfortunately you’re working with quite a few of them at the moment!

    Gracie is just gorgeous and gma will be pleased. It’s good to balance out some of the bad in the world by adding your bit of good.

    It will all be worth it! Do we add angora goats to the list now too?
    Ni bastardii and all that!

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