Weariness and Wire

Sunday night, 77 hours worked for the week, Plan Woolly is rolling and I’ve finished two things completely.

I am already in bed, with my laptop balanced in my lap and on my knees. I have discovered a drawback with crocheting with wire : it has eaten a blister on my left middle finger which is going to hamper the rest of my crochet! However it WAS worth it! Our Angel friend is completely finished – with citrine chips on the edges of her wings and skirts, plus a new crystal head and a “counterweight” of pearls and Swarovski crystals to help her stay upright (I could do with the same help!)

I’m not going to show her to you until after the show….

What I will show you – though I can’t seem to take a decent photo of it : wire jewellery set in golf and copper It’s a mix of 26guage Gold and Copper wire and it looks great in the sunlight!

The bracelet especially is very pretty if I do say so myself…

I have also been working on the shawl for Alyssa – this is a photo from two nights ago but I am somewhat hampered in updating it tonight as… the batteries are flat …

shawlbut the shawl is down to the last few repeats before I start the border!

Anyway – After a long day at the work site (and this is a freely available photo – not mine)  oh yeah – my office is circled in pink, the cause of Occupational Health and Safety in Mining has moved forward only a little…

gove Today was another one of those days where I was treated to yet another round of grumblies to cherish. We don’t like the retractable lanyards that have just been bought. Anyway – you’re a Dumb woman so you bought the wrong lanyards. So, if I give the lanyards to another of our work groups  that means that I don’t care about the average guy and therefore only care about  *them*.

On top of that, the client representatives were coming in and talking at me so much that the Production Manager has started my very own Incidental Work Hire Book and is charging the “social” visits to the Client. I wish that meant I was popular. I suspect it’s more older gentlemen coming round to see me… And they get so down when I have to run off back out into the field because I’m needed out there.

Tomorrow I’m on course – Confined Spaces… As the Client doesnt recognise my Navy qualifications…. And I’d be willing to bet that my next Client won’t recognise it either.

I am very much ready to go to sleep.. we’re 34 days into the year and already it’s setting new records for ups and downs!!

Wonder what comes next???

It’s nighttime so I will start thinking about what I have to be grateful for today.  I am grateful that no-one was injured today. I am grateful that no-one blew over on the Blood Alcohol Breath Test so I didnt have to sack anyone today. I am grateful that I have a job that pays enough to allow Plan Woolly to go forward. I am grateful that I have such lovely neighbours such as the Cambodians who are always willing to talk at the end of a long day. I am grateful that I have you people who stop by and take the time to put even the worst of days back into perspective and to take delight in the good parts.

Hugs to you all…..


~ by SB&C on February 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Weariness and Wire”

  1. i have to tell you, your work is beautiful…sorry about the blister. what size hook are you using?i’m trying to remember what size i used for my neckpiece, i think it was a 4 steel hook, but not sure. they do sell hooks that have padded parts, foam that slips over the actual hook, you might find something like that helpful…thou you may not have the chance to find something like that where you are, i could look on this end, i’m in the sf bay area, california.

    dying to see how the angel turned out. i did one for lapidary journal back in 1997, made in one piece, sort of like a pie, that folded together, wings fit to close in the back, hiding all work. i added swarovski and pearls so some glow. keep up the good work, but don’t work till you bleed!
    pat moses-caudel
    http://imageevent.com/patmcaudel my neckpiece is on that site… and i think the angel….

  2. My goodness, the grumblies are as illogical and emotional as high schoolers. However, I jumped at my desk and gasped when I read you’ve got your land. Bravo! Joy! And so close to your family. Exquisite…I can just see the ponies and four-legged knittables. WOW. The jewelry is also an eye-popper, you are quite good at all this…will the jewelry also enter? Gratitude is powerful isn’t it, it brings me back to a good perspective of the waterball. Great pix of the land!!

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