To get it back to Good

Two OH &S  strategies I developed today to overcome the grumbles… only one was approved.

Safety Tip : You can’t show people pornography to get their attention.


I was once trying to work out how to stop the Gulf Road train drivers from rolling through the railway crossing at TB2 without checking for oncoming trains.

sunset over the Great Northern RailwayThe best idea I had then was to erect a huge tv screen and have it flash .. well.. basically… BREASTS at the driver on a randomised program.

This idea was judged as having merit in that the truck drivers would indeed stop at the railway crossing.

However, the fact that they were more likely to come to a stop, or a rest, upside down, in the bushes, when they lost control after having hooters flashed at them was considered sub-optimal.


As a morale boosting programme, for the Best Safety Improvement Idea, I was asked what should be given as a reward? What do the boys really want? I thought it was a no-brainer myself. Beer or Breasts. They’re simple creatures!

The second strategy was also simple. And a stroke of genius. In that mad, stroking-the-white-cat-in-the-diamonte -collar-swivel-chair sort of way..

Again, drawing on my experiences at TB2 when I used the mini Marsbars to gain compliance with the correct wearing of PPE and use of Isolation locks during morning pre-starts (If you don’t know the story – I had one particular individual who had to be just that. An individual. He cut the sleeves off his shirts. He refused to wear safety glasses. He didnt put his isolation lock on his dump truck. Anyway – I went round with the Mini bars one morning and gave one to every single person who was doing it “right”. The way his lower lip wobbled when he didnt get a Mars bar was really something. Never had a problem with him again.)

Where was I? – oh yeah.. Chocolate. I was going into a meeting with the boys… and the grumblers would be out in full force. So I engaged a small army to assist me. A specialist detachment.

Caramello koalas  Not even the HARDEST of Hard nosed grumblers can grumble when they have a mouthful of caramel.

Me.. with an evil grinHeeee heeeee heeee. (Old photo I know… but …)

So we got through a meeting that actually made progress 🙂

Anyway… There has been a bit of a coup here at TB G.

Do you remember I mentioned about the someones? And the fact that one someone… our Project manager…. was running several someones at the same time. Not exactly *at the same time* but .. you get my drift. And the wheels were coming off.

I have my own reasons for being unimpressed with the whole thing but it was getting nasty. It was getting public and the project was suffering. I had tried to mention this to the Project Manager who really didn’t care what I thought and the ensuing remarks didn’t do much for my confidence (noting that the gloss can get knocked my day pretty easily still).

The idea of accepting the offer and going back to TB 3, but for another project and the same sort of money seemed like a slice of heaven served with gummi bears. By Caramello Koalas even.

To cut a long story short, the Project Manager has been given the opportunity to explore Alternative Employment Strategies and there are far more people smiling than normally. Every idea that has been pooh-poohed previously is now a go.

As to where my head is about the whole situation – To quote another Jane Austen heroine : “He affected me, but he did not impose upon me.”

But that’s all gone now.

And ok – to whichever Small God is listening – Can we quit it with the Up-diddley-Ups and the Down-diddley-Downs?  I’d like to try “average, dull and boring” for a while… you know – just paying off the mortgage… crocheting…. trying to make sure a multi-million dollar project stays on the rails….

On the crochet front, there would be photos but I’m pretty sure my camera is sitting on my desk at work. At least – I hope it is, because otherwise I think there’s an even chance it’s going through a Permanent Press cycle in a washing machine as we speak.

Alyssa’s shawl continues to make progress, the Red shirt I chopped into pieces is regaining shape and I’m still waiting on a package of ribbon yarn to finish off something for Canberra Royal.

So in terms of good.. I don’t like knowing that a Good Day comes at the expense of someone else, but in his case I can honestly say that he has made his bed, and he has to lie in it. I am grateful that the project has the chance to be reborn, so everyone stays in gainful employment. I am grateful that a friend got in touch with me today via Facebook. And I am grateful that we got through another day without something bad happening…

dump trucks should be up the other way See – it’s a binary thing. Dump Truck. Crashed. Upside Down. Bad.

Miners eating chocolate. Good.


~ by SB&C on February 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “To get it back to Good”

  1. Bribery and corruption works every time! But, seriously and honestly – how long could you cope with “average, dull and boring” without feeling the need to stir it up a bit??????

    But am glad that one of your problems got a good dose of karma!

    4WD hasn’t yet turned up at work…?

  2. I don’t know Mum… But after the last year – I am willing to try.

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