In keeping with the bizarre turn my life taketh on each opportunity… one letter on my keyboard decided not to join in our blogging today.

Can you pick which one?

No kidding. I am debating doing a bit of cutting and control-v’ing however the lack of THAT letter may force a certain element of creativity not normally found.

Anyway… the average working day no longer can claim to be average.

Metal fabrication occuring round every corner. Grinder producing fountain of dancing light. Do not touch.

Every man with a grievance will communicate it to me. At length. Repeatedly. Their grievance altered my frame of mind. Need to find a new happy thought.

Commence Hunt. Examine own heart and mind. What would bring joy? (Other than yarn. Mohair = cure for all ill)

I have found Heaven. A Frozen Mocha Cappucino

cappucino mocha Roll me in flour and bake me on high for an hour… Heaven can be found in a take-a-way cup.

Topic: Crochet.

The triangular work I volunteered to complete, nearly completed.

a triangular piece of crochet. The  AA battery carefully placed to give an idea of length and breadth.

The final row, with a bead population of 705  will hold it all in the triangle perfect for a 5yo.

One more day until no alarm blaring to wake me up…..

A group hug!


~ by SB&C on February 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “abcdefghijklmnopqrtuvwxyz”

  1. s can start so many different words! hmmmmm!
    happy thoughts?
    how about sonn running around on her moms open fields so very happy!
    how about visiting with m_f and f_f more frequently.
    how about m_f on a horse learning to ride and then the two of you cruising though all those acres spending time together? (m_f on a horse is a thought all into itself! but i remember!)
    well thats all for happy thoughts for now!
    chin up – things will get better just you wait! it has too
    love you
    so i thin

  2. Gee thanks Kris! I’ll be OK on a horse as long as my legs can touch the ground! But it will be great to have Manda a bit closer.

    I’m probably risking not being spoken to for a while here, but Monday 11 Feb is a special day in her life – one involving candles – but we won’t talk about how many 🙂

  3. anytime m_f!!!!! i have a little bit to remind you of this! until i see picture of you on horse – or should i say pony if you want your feet to touch the ground?
    thanks for the reminder – i remembered but could have forgotten by then again! but i am sure she will still be talking to you! i just wish she was with you to share this – but you will have to wait a couple extra days – a please give her a hug for me when you see her!
    sorry manda we hijacked your blog again! i hope today was a little better than days past!
    have not heard if you liked the pictures i sent through?

  4. Frozen Mocha Cappuccinos are wonderful! Kris’s list of happy thoughts are great and I totally agree with everything she said. Just like everything, this too shall pass. Just keep with the happy thoughts and the frozen mocha cappuccinos and everything will work itself out!


  5. The ‘ s’ word wtihout an ‘s’? Thit? tee hee hee. My laptop at home has a barely working letter ‘b’…which is funny as my name has two b’s in it.

    Hmm. Well, pleasant almost-candle day to you and the teensy shawl is going to delight everyone (what a photo op.)

    Keep the positive/happy images bright: Ponies running about your fields. Picnics on the ranch while the house/barns are being built. Money going into the bank while they are grumbling???

  6. funny thing is that letter haz not wanted to work for me for the lazt couple of dayz either.

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