And she only sleeps when it’s raining…

Yes – it’s raining and yes, I’ve been asleep.

Now, in an interview with the mother_figure, who was somewhat non-plussed to be asked questions when she called this morning, but I’m sure she would like to recount that 35 years ago today (starting from about 3.14am, though she and Father_figure have differing time frames) she was handed a small bundle of orange hair. Who didn’t sleep and drove her parents nuts.

Apparently, that was me. So please, everyone – congratulate my mother on having a 35 year old daughter.

angry moose


I’m going back to bed.

Seriously folks.. It started raining yesterday and it hasn’t stopped. That photo was taken on Saturday, before it rained.

See – TB G looks ugly in the rain:

It’s raining now

This has been good for a couple of reasons – firstly, I finished Alyssa’s shawl and posted it:

The finished shawl for Alyssa

Alyssa has to block it. I hope she can understand me when I explain : you pin it so it’s all in shape…. then spray it with water or preferably: spray starch and leave it to dry.

It is very pretty and I will be making another one – but perhaps in a pale purple silk….

alyssa’s shawl detail

Other crochet news. I am down to the final week before Canberra Royal. The three pictures have gone to the printers and framers to be etcera’d before Friday when M_F has to drop them in. The comment from framers is that they look “beautiful”. I am actually glad to have them printed properly and framed. They can be my birthday present to myself.

Things Left to be FINISHED.

The Ribbon box has met with a Crisis. If you’ll permit me : its a small exhibition crisis, complete with wax figures in period costume and a historical annotation that says, “this is a Crisis.” Australia Post has lost the package of extra Ribbon yarn M_F mailed to me 2 weeks ago. Yes. Crisis.

Have put it to one side to find a lesser task to tackle.

The Earth – which I had to edit. Funny story this. I wanted to make a hackysack earth. Found a pattern.

And a WNTC post ensued.

Having got over my feelings of hatred and raw anger, I went Christmas Shopping and found a template.

earth after global warmingaustralia after global warming

I suspect this is what the earth will look like when Global warming really kicks in. I may send it to Al Gore.

As I was not allowed to crochet on the plane home at Christmas time, I set about editing the Earth. No delusions of Grandeur for me!
In terms of suspicious activities, I would have thought that was a Biggie.

world edited


I’m making up my Earth for the challenge class – I want it to either be a Christmas Ornament or a Stress ball… I’m at the equator now… Should be faster for the Southern hemisphere, fewer colour changes…

I also have to make an Irish lace collar, finish the roses for the Irish Rose Doily and oh yeah – the Zhivago Jacket.

So – Other than that and the terraforming, fresh on the vistory of Alyssa’s shawl, I am back to working on the hacked-into shirt. Have finished the bodice mid-section and started on the sleeves. I have to do BOTH sleeve midsections tonight. Which will be simple.

It’s raining.

Anyway, I havent had a chance to get back to anyone or really chat for awhile so.. yes… I’m sorry. The plans for Lanoak, our beautiful grassy view .. and also the Blasted Tree on the Heath shot are still rolling along. The hunt for a pony on which M_F can be chucked onto will begin next year – when you guys get to help in the double-dog daring her!

Hugs to you all – and please wish M_F (and F_F) a Happy 35 years of Amanda….


~ by SB&C on February 11, 2008.

10 Responses to “And she only sleeps when it’s raining…”

  1. And what an adventure those 35 years have been!! And it started at 3.20am, not 3.14 (what would ffig know – he was locked outside, where they put fathers in those days…) The next 35 look like being even more fun!

  2. happy happy happy happy birthday manda!!!!!
    looks like you have your hands full with crochet for the next few days. better you than me – i would be falling apart at the seems!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!

    The shawl looks amazing and I can’t wait to see all you entries for the show!! Good luck!!

  4. Happy Amanda Day M_F and F_F!! Amanda, I think you are a genius crochet person; this stack of projects is over-the-top. The results of the Royale will undoubtedly have your name all over it.

  5. p.s. astounding pix of TBG. It is now background on my laptop; looks like a movie set.

  6. Great Shawl, very beautiful. Found your blog, it is great! You have a permanent reader here.

    Congrats M_F and F_F on raising such a wonderful daughter!!

    Your projects are gorgeous!! I’m so jealous, right now I have an Industrial Hygiene book blocking all my pattern books and squashing my hooks!! ((POUT))

  8. Happy Birthday Manda..hope your day was wonderful

    Canadian Barb eh

  9. Ooooh!!! Canadian Barb!!!! Guess what arrived in Darwin yesterday??? I had a phone call from my former next door neighbour!!

    Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes. it’s still raining!!!

  10. so will you have it by next Christmas?

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