Came Hell and High Water


Allow to me to explain.


Firstly: Hell.

The collection of whingers. I was actually proud of them. They had, bless their little cotton socks, gone a whole Three weeks without so much as a sniff of alcohol at work.

Yesterday morning : 0.038%… one of the scaffolders.

And – it’s my fault.

I was told to do some biological impossible (actually : having seen some photos on the internet – possibly not so impossible just very highly impracticable.) things with the breathalyser unit.

 Loudly. at length… by a multitude of people.

Anyone would think I’m going round at night spraying them with alcohol so I have more paperwork to do in the mornings.

That’s the Hell.

Though Hell would probably involve less water.

High Water.

Fourth day of tropical downpours.

We’re beyond requiring umbrellas here. Please send schnorkel.

And… When I got home last night…

My room was flooded.

Now… we’ve been through some bad moments here at Safety Boots and Crochet.

We got through the night that the Shampoo spilt into my bag and I ended up with a seriously funky hairstyle later.

You laughed at me when I fed White Car the wrong fuel. You went EEEEuuuuuuw when I committed amphicide with Daffy along the Arnhem Highway.

Please…. make of this what you will:

Last night, about half my room was under an inch of water.

And as any crocheter knows… one who deals in thread crochet,  Blocking is the most essential part of good crochet.

I pinned…. an Irish Crochet Lace collar.

7 clusters of 9 roses.

I pinned it carefully into shape on a towel.

I was going to take a photo and surprise you all.

It was a lovely NEW Blue towel.

It was pinned to the floor.

Don’t get ahead of me here.

Yes… ok…

It’s a disaster.

and – it’s blue.

M_F and I have discussed salvage strategies versus what I have available. To all you well-meaning people who are going to recommend a particular product, thank you… but the options are VERY limited here at TB G.


I have Miltons Hypochlorite Solution for sterilising baby bottles. Hypochlorite = Bleach. Bleach = white.

I also have yarn spread out on my bed to dry…. Arcadia’s first questions were “what about the projects?” “What about the Stash?” She knows me so  well….. 🙂

The other affected items are the Shirt – now with water marks and the Lady’s jacket.. the tencel for the remaining sleeves is soaked through.

I’d cry…. but there’s just too much water already.

The shirt I am going to rinse out and see if I can’t do something about the marks. It’s not finished but I’m up to the cut off bits so it’s less of a disaster as they’re still dry and I may be able to hold off on the joining part until Sunday morning.

The wet tencel… no… Thats going to have to wait til next year.

Wish me luck.

Squelchy hugs! 


~ by SB&C on February 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Came Hell and High Water”

  1. Unbelievable…I held my breath reading that entire post, I kept thinking of stash and the Royale projects. Will the stash now have ‘wet smell’ or need to get somewhere super dry to get the moisture out? Let alone, bedding and clothes and shoes and…? The TB’s do seem to be a place for those enjoying the elements, but this is a bit much… Think ranch and ponies. This will be a topper of a story to tell, sitting on the porches overlooking the spread. (someday) take care!

  2. who would have thought that an inch of water could do soooo much water! that is just awful! awful!! awful! don’t the gods know they are supposed to be good to you this week! it is afterall your birthdya week! ugggg!

    well on a positive note
    happy valentines day!!!!! someone thousands of miles away loves you! kassie made chocolate pops for her class – and promised to send well eat one for you!!!!
    chin up – send what you can send! there is always next year! sad but not much you can do about it now! i know easier said than done!

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