So what’s the answer that I find? To change my world, like I change my mind?

Sorry for the Gloomy sounding title, it’s from a good old fashioned rock song by the Aussie band Dragon “Ordinary men”.

I’ve been humming it as I redesign my Planet Earth Challenge piece – on paper. The hiccups as you try and do things by remote control from 4000km away… they can blow your mind!

The World According to Amanda, looks like this:

test pattern

Yep.. there’s  recognisable landmass in there somewhere.

Amongst the whinges – I have learnt a new skill. How to use our combination scanner/faxer/copier/printer. I scan in. I email to me. It’s quite cool.

This skill was developed when trying to fax my order to the Bead Store (M_F gets to collect them!). Tomorrow!!!

This is what I sent to the Bead Store:


What is all this?

At Canberra Royal, there is a Challenge Class – Last year, it was “Sun Sand and Surf”. For that I did two items, an Afghan in Sentiments Mohair (I love this mohair!) and a Bag from String Ordinaire.

Mum at Canberra Royal

Oh yeah – Thats M_F… in the Hat. She *hates* this picture. But it shows the Fish things that the other entrant made. Tell me how that equals Sun, Sand and Surf.

I won First and Second My afghans at Royal Canberra

(See my afghans – Mine are the purpley one and then the stripey one is my representation of Sun Sand and Surf. They hung it upside down) and was nearly lynched by the woman who came third.

This year… well, let’s see.

I tried to make a Stress (HAH!) Ball using DMC tapestry thread. I was uninspired. I was sad and tired.

I gave up on that.

I tried a ball out of wire. That seriously DIDN’T work.

Not to mention eroded another half of my left middle finger.

However, fear not, Dear Readers, I haf a Cunning Plan.

It involves a LOT of garbage bags, a 6mm crochet hook, some beer and a rather small elderly Man.

Will tell you about it all shortly!


~ by SB&C on February 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “So what’s the answer that I find? To change my world, like I change my mind?”

  1. oh manda you are a big tease!!!!!!!
    and m_f will certainly not talk to you for some time posting that picture yet again! did i hear a bit of a devilish laugh when you posted it?
    i was really looking forward to your “world” stress ball! sorry it did not work out.
    hope all is well and you will have time to catch up this week!
    love ya

  2. Ha!!! Garbage bags, crochet hook, beer and a small elderly man! I cant wait!!

  3. harharhar…garbage bags, a 6mm crochet hook, some beer and a rather small elderly Man. does the ‘small elderly man’ know what is coming? I hope all is dryer in your abode…dehumidifier?

    I LOVE the blue/white/sand afghan…wow.

    have a good week-end

  4. I just discovered your blog. It is great! I love it.

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