Something about today…

Oh yes… that’s it…


Yes – this is coming to you Live from the Aroma Coffee bar in Darwin International. We’re back in Darwin with 2 and a bit hours to kill … without a crochet hook…..

Then we have the overnight flight, landing in Sydney at 7, and by 0830 I will be at home in TB C with the Figures, the Mogs and Stash 2.


And also -trying frantically to finish off the Canberra Royal entries.

Now… the plan that involved the Plastic Garbage bags, the 6mm crochet hook, the beer and the small elderly Man..

It’s been semi successful.

First of all, the beer. The beer was there to lure said Elderly Man who was coerced to be my helper.

Small Elderly Man is Ian. Ian is older than the Figures, shorter than me, and is the Safety Officer for the Client. He is a very gentle little soul, who has a wife and two daughters so he finds it amusing that i like to do crafty things in the evening.

He was designated Official Garbage Bag Cutter.

And Photographer.

Which is good – except my camera and Laptop are no longer on speaking terms. We’ll sort that out later.
And he merrily chopped the bags into strips which open up into loops.. which then get slipped into each other to form a “yarn”.

Which I then crocheted.

It actually looks good – but there is still a long way to go….

And that is the issue.

I have 18 hours until they have to be in.

So I thought of a Back up plan….

In fact i thought of it this morning, when enroute to the hospital with one of the boys. I knew that we were going to spend at least two hours waiting for him to be seen. I stopped briefly at Camp and collected:

Blue 26 Guage Wire

Green 26 Guage Wire

Our friend the 3mm Crochet Hook.

Some pearls.

Some Clear Swarovski Crystals

And the Gold 28 Guage wire.

And I sat and waited.. and crocheted the wire.

And nearly eroded my Left middle finger.

And talked with a lady whose eldest son would be 58. If he hadnt died when his hangglider crashed.

It’s not finished.. but I have the makings of the “Planet Earth Medallion”.

I am really quite pleased with it!

Right now I’m drinking an Affogato, blogging and threading ribbon through the childs top.

And yes.. having horrors about coffee spills on pink wool!


~ by SB&C on February 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Something about today…”

  1. have a safe trip home!!!! enjoy your time with the figures! i am sure they are anxious to have you. times a ticking – will you be sleeping? good luck getting everything done! can’t wait to see it all! hugs to you and the figures! chat soon?

  2. Ingenuity prevails – can’t wait to see the medallion…amazing. Take it from an older-crafty-person – take care of those aching fingers – you’ll need them to be agile and strong for a long long time. I am sure your time at home is scrumptious to all your senses – soak it up. AND, crochet black plastic strips…evening wear?

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