And home….

I made it home….

A long flight, over 12 hours of travelling and the only thing crafty I managed was to thread the ribbon through the pink top so M_F and I could do the buttons when I got in.

Seriously wish I was allowed to crochet on a plane in Australia.

Anyway – I have been home a whole three days now and have acheived much.

Firstly, the run to Canberra Show to put everything *in*. Done. Stickybeaked at a few entries – we’ll see them better on Friday.

Secondly, signed the first round of paperwork for Lanoak . WOOHOO!!!!

Thirdly, caught up with Arcadia and she enabled my crochet habit to the tune of 15 balls of Cosy Wool to make an Afghan for her eldest. Good plan!

Fourthly, hit two yarn stores and dropped… well… more money than someone who is applying for a mortgage should have!

But Hey….

Also went to see The Mist last night. I have spoken before of my fondness for Frank Darabont / Stephen King movies i.e. The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile.  But I’ve got to say this is one movie that I will not be buying. Both Shawshank and TGM leave you with the feeling of hope and purpose at the end. The Mist. No. Really – No.

Something I have promised to do before is introduce our two Orange Mogs.

Here we are:

This is Pfennig:

pfennig the catWho is your bog-standard DSH and adores a HARD scratching. Pfennig also has her very own crocheted blanky. Not kidding, M_F requested one as Pfen likes to treadle the red one I made for the parentals’ bed.

This is Centime:

centime As
you can see – she is pleased to have me home! Centime was my sister Bob’s Christmas present about 4 years ago. Yes – cats are very definitely for life in our family!

And now…. one of the major reasons for me coming home now was for Canberra Royal.

And I mentioned previously that this was the first year I was going to enter in the photography section as I am quite proud of the shots I take….

We went to the opening of the Exhibition tonight, my first words when I walked in through the door were “Mum.. Mum… Mum!!!” :

canberra show photo landscape section


For a photographer, I’m a pretty good crocheter!!!

First Place Landscape Photograph.

That was *very* unexpected!!!!

Crochet results  are still a day away… I’m dying!!!!

Love to you all!!!!


~ by SB&C on February 20, 2008.

7 Responses to “And home….”

  1. I don’t know why you thought it was unexpected! You are wonderful photographer!!! That is an amazing picture!

    Very cute mogs! There must be something about the color red – I am making one of my cats a little red blanket too because she loves the one on the bed so much!

    Even better… you are one step closer to plan woolly!!! Whoo-hoo indeed!!

  2. yeah! well its about time you stopped by your own blog!
    CONGRATULATIONS! on the photo. what an amazing accomplishment.

    i am glad you made it home safely! i can’t believe they won’t let you crochet on the plane!!! thats just CraZy! however – did you ever think of crocheting with your finger? its a thought.

    the mogs are quite cute! there is one here that may be looking for a new home soon interested?

    another step towards my vacation! can’t wait! but all that paper work isn’t it a pain in the you know what?

    i will be waiting anxiously for the results! i hope you plan on posting ASAP!!!!!

    love you

  3. Bravo on the recognition for your fine photography. Yeah!! I look forward to seeing your entries in the other categories. Australia is HUGE isn’t it (I know it is, it just boggles every now and then.) 12 hours of travel Yikes. I actually understand no knitting needles on a plane, but I do not understand the no crochet hook…strange. Have a lovely Canberra show!

  4. Oh, Oh, OH!!
    Your stunning photographs are what first drew me to your blog, so I am thrilled the judges agree with me! That is so very awesome.

    (I miss your old TBs, much more photogenic, and I’m sure you agree. But the future farm should be VERY photo-friendly!)

    And I am also glad to finally get to see the Orange Mogs who do look like Southern Hemisphere relations of my Citrus. Fruit theme, money theme, whatever; it’s an orange thing.

    Eagerly awaiting the crochet results, and puzzled about no crocheting on flights also (confession, though not crochet-skilled, I have many hooks for knitting embellishment and repair, also some handed down from relatives; I can see the 0.75 mm one being used as a weapon, perhaps, but I’m looking at the 4 mm hook in my knitting bag and thinking that I could do more damage with a ballpoint pen, for sure!)

  5. soooooooo……………………………………..

  6. ugggggg alreay! how much longer are you going to make me wait?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am starting to get impatient too!!!!

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