Canberra Show 2008

Finally – I got to spend a day at the Show.

I was on duty at the Crochet desk for the day with a couple of opportunities to go for a look around:

wool classers

I saw wool in its raw form


I saw spinners

hand dyed woolsI saw dyed wool….

wool that I bought(and only bought four  five skeins – well four, because the last one I bought was silk!)

I saw patchwork       patchwork at canberra

and pottery pottery and lacemakinglacemakers and canberra

And I sat at our stand

me teaching shannon

and crocheted. And taught other people to crochet.

And I looked at crocheted things 🙂

stroller and doiles

Ok… the results are (not as brilliant as last year but still very reasonable!)

planet earth medallionPlanet Earth Class – 1st. This is the medallion and necklace that I made on the fly in the hospital waiting for one of the boys to get his eyes checked. Yep – it’s not bad! The letters in the dangly bits spell out “Earth Planet World Home” and they are interspaced by pieces of stone, wood, pearls, gold , amber and bone. Judge V. happy.

The Patricia  Kristoffersen Doily- 3rd. Not bad since only my second attempt at a doily!

The Dreamtime Baby’s set baby set 1st

Child’s Top :1st mandarin topM_F is taking some of the credit – she sewed on the buttons as I was massively rushed!

The ribbon Box – 3rd, it was beaten by a pair of socks and a beaded purse.

The cappucino shawl CAppucino shawl in Canberra  1st

Blanket 1st and – Reserve Champion- red blanket

Angel – 2nd

Barbie took out  a 1stbarbie at Canberra show

beating Digger Bear into 3rd

And the Jewellery set also got a  2nd.

So all in all a very solid result!!

Thank you everyone for your encouragement getting ready for this show!!!!

Especially M_F who is on collection duties (again!) and this is another not particularly wonderful photo of her with her Aunt Fay. Notice please that M_F is attacking my latest Avatar Afghan!

m_f and auntie fay

Next stop is the Sydney Easter Show – and we have to poke Michelle to make sure she’s entered…..

Hugs to you all!!!!


~ by SB&C on February 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Canberra Show 2008”

  1. […] You can do what you want to, thereâs no one to stop you wrote an interesting post today on Canberra Show 2008Here’s a quick excerptBlanket 1st and – Reserve Champion- Angel – 2nd. Barbie took out  a 1st … beating Digger Bear into 3rd. And the Jewellery set also got a  2nd. […]

  2. well its about time! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! everything looks wonderful. that childs shirt looks too good to wear! you should be proud of yourself. it amazes me that you can get nicely spun yarn from a big pile of nothing. when you start spinning your own yarn you will have to take pictures from beginning to end result for me.

    the only thing missing – is a picture of m_f (yes i know you have one) in lets see what did you call it? ummmm???? well since i can’t remember how about floopy hat??? hehehehehe!!!!!

    when do you head back to tbg? fly safe when you do! bring a skein of yarn and finger hook on your trip back – who knows maybe you will create something to enter into the syndney easter show.


  3. Great job and congrats!!!

  4. Wow, let’s hear it for recognising horses in great photos and catching up by reading some very well written stories!!!

  5. Congratulations on the many recogniztions of your work. Barbie is enchanting and the earth medallion a stunner, let alone the classic pieces! The capuccino blanket is soo inviting. And you did all this in the micdst of a year of incredible changes…wheooo. Thanks for the pictures of the many parts of the show too…I bet it is a HUGE layout. BTW, you and M_F look alike – did she teach you to crochet? Congrats again!

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