And back to work, amid the sound of chortling lawyers

I’m beginning to detect a distinct blurring of my days.

There’s a juxtaposition for you, “distinct” vs “blur” but hey.

Anyway – I flew back to TB G on Sunday afternoon and managed to offend some small god somewhere and have been unable to clear my right ear for .. well.. nearly two days.

In terms of balance, I be somewhat “off”.

And then yesterday, work just kept ticking over.. and before I knew it.. it was today.

Today has been distinguished by the recording of the highest Blood Alcohol Concentration reading yet.




Yep, I’m impressed. He’s been working for us for 2 days.

And .. what makes it better is : he was part of a gang of six that we were told “we had to hire” by the Client’s management team. And they tried to serve us with a “Breach of Contract” notice when we indicated that they werent suitable.

Now… The company’s lawyers are chortling.

The next lawyer issue is regarding Plan Woolly and the property. Contract time… There is a slight hiccup we’re trying to overcome…. but we’ll see what happens!

On the crochet front.. well.. I have made an important discovery about my crochet preferences. Firstly, having worked mohair for the Fluffy Avatar Afghan solidly for two days, I find myself craving something smooth.

But then when I tried a “plain” tencel yarn.. I just wasn’t getting the buzz I was looking for. I tried thread.. and yes.. I was rolling a bit but.. just not really tweaked. Made 6 flowers towards My Cunning Plan, but still not jazzed.
I have hunted through my TB G stash (which reminds me , M_F [ who scored a blood blister] and I spent Sunday morning transferring the TB C stash to it’s new home in a Self-lock garage. There is a LOT of yarn bundled up in ziploc bags with anti moth smellies sitting in storage in Fyshwick.)

So finally I went to the Promised Land, and found the yarn that Arcadia has enabled my issues with. She has asked for a stripghan for her oldest (the recently 3 Miss Chris) and I got a bit of a woolbuzz from 100% superwash Cosy Wool in Cream, a most GORGEOUS Green (in fact, Arcadia and I based our choice of materials PURELY on the greens that were available, we initially were hoping for an…. I’mgoingtosaytheword acrylic *eeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuwww” but couldn’t deal with the colours. Tencel was a definite option – no purple.) a dusty Pink and a truly lovely Purple.

Standby for photos.

To add some clarity to my life and it’s demands for the day, since I started typing, one of our scaffolders’ harnesses has failed, someone has hurt their hand and our 60ft truck hit the shipyard gate.

It’s all good.





I have a .6mm hook on my desk… it’s my comfort hook. If things get too bad.. I’ll crochet my hair!

hugs to you all!


~ by SB&C on February 26, 2008.

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